5 Mistakes To Avoid with GoCanvas’s Mobile App Builder

By katie simpson on January 28, 2014

You've signed up for a trial with GoCanvas, great! Maybe you're even tempted to build your own app. Before you dive in, here are few common mistakes to avoid. 

Wait, Where is it Again?

Some have heard all about the app builder. But where to find it? It's not available on the site until you sign in. 
Once you've signed in, go to My Apps. On the left hand side, you will see four orange icons. You can start from scratch by hitting Create New App

Then, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to edit the title and description of the app. To move forward, hit Save and Launch App Builder

Now you've made it to our app builder. 

Edit Whatever, Whenever You Want

Did you get an app from our application store? We have tons of options there, but often even when it's 90% fantastic, companies are still missing the 10% for their business. 

With GoCanvas, you can edit any and all apps in your account. Simply go to 'My Apps'. You'll see your apps listed in the middle. Click Edit next to the app you want to change. 

Hit Edit next to any of your apps to make changes.

Just like creating a new app, you will be taken to a screen that allows you to edit the title and description of the app. To move forward, hit Save and Launch App Builder. Then you can edit the app as much or as little as you would like. 

Duplicate vs. List Screens

Do you have to fill out a list multiple times? You can save yourself a lot of time building your app with a simple list. 

A simple list screen allows you to add multiple items to a list. For instance, if you are making a product inventory, you can create it with a simple list. You will create the list just once, and at the end of each item, it takes you back to the beginning. 

If you want to know more about making a simple list, check out our tutorial.

Customize Your Emails, Submissions, PDF Names, 

Automatically, GoCanvas generates numbers for customers' submissions and PDFs. This works great for a computer. But as a human being? It can be a struggle to find or file your data. 

In addition, the email generated by GoCanvas doesn't include any information from the form you filled out. The subject and email can feel generic, which no one likes. 

Knowing the importance of the personal touch, we created the opportunity for you to customize all these options.  You can change the file name of your submission or PDF to be named after a specific field entry, like customer name. For email, you can make sure certain fields are used in the subject or body of the email. So when Dr. Jones receives his HVAC invoice, it's with his name in the email. 

How do you do this? Under the field you wish to use, click advanced. At the very end, you will see check boxes for

Auto Email Subject   
This puts the information into the subject line of your email
Auto Email Body   
        This puts the information into the body of your email
Auto Email File Name
       This puts the information into the name of the PDF
Auto Submission Name
       This puts the information into the name of the submission 

You can do as many or as few fields as you'd like for this. When you've clicked the boxes you want to use, hit done. As you're leaving the app builder, hit Save. To use your changes immediately, hit Save, Close, and Publish

Note: This change will affect only new submissions, not the ones already existing in your system. 

Automate Email

Do you collect customer emails in your app? Are you entering it a second time in your recipient list? You can skip this step. 

Under the text box field you use for email, go to the advance section. Look for Style toward the bottom. Click E-mail and hit Done. This will auto-populate that email onto the list of recipients of the submission at the end of your app. Enter once and it's done. 

Just the Beginning

These are just some things you can do with our mobile app builder. Want to learn more? Check out our app builder help section.