5 Design trends on the Rise

By Brent Nieder on February 23, 2013

These trends have been building for quite a while, but the following examples are the ones that you should be keeping an eye out and preparing to apply.

1) Responsive Design

Why have multiple experiences when you can have one cohesive, out of the box solution? Though I’ve almost always used this for smaller “one off” solutions than bigger corporate entities, it’s exciting to see something so functionally flexible.

5 Design trends on the Rise


2) LARGE images on the rise

We are seeing more and more corporate websites using large images as visuals on their home page. These large images make an impact, and companies know this. This makes finding “just the right image” even tougher! A lot of responsive sites are using this technique as well and adjusting these visuals to space in interesting ways.

5 Design trends on the Rise

3) More mobile apps, less mobile browsing

Face it. Browsers on mobile devices aren’t close to being comfortable to use… which means native apps are going to have to start picking up the slack. This means companies are going to have to re-think the way their apps operate. A lot of copying of the facebook app is on the way.

5 Design trends on the Rise

4) Minimalism and type is back

This means tight grid systems and extensive use of type. Web font stacks have made the online typography easier than ever.  It’s always great to go back to the grid as well. Also, this fits in well with other trends on the rise such as large/macro imagery and responsive behaviors.

5 Design trends on the Rise

5) Flash is on its way out

No surprise here. The incessant updating, some mobile devices don’t support it (Apple iOS), the fact that Adobe is rolling out a HTML5/CSS3 animation solution (Adobe Edge). Though sad to see it go, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve had a lot of fun playing with Adobe Edge, I’m excited to see what the future of web holds sans flash.

5 Design trends on the Rise

Content is still king…

Without content on your site, you’re just placeholders. Creating high quality content is still the key though. This loops in a lot with the other trends such as responsive behavior and more content from native apps.