5 Big Ways That GoCanvas Saves Your Business Money

By andrew cantle on May 22, 2014

When I meet with GoCanvas customers, they’re typically impressed by the immediate impact that GoCanvas mobile forms have on their cashflow. The ability to do more work more quickly brings in cash sooner and immediately the company’s wallet is far healthier.

What also excites our customers is how cost-effective GoCanvas is to roll out. For the majority of businesses, they and their staff already have smartphones and/or tablets. So, they don’t have to spend money buying new devices. They simply download their GoCanvas forms, customize them if needed, and they’re ready to go.

And once a GoCanvas customer is up and running, the cost-savings just keeping adding up. . .

1. Double data entry: Cut it out! Go from a sad world of paper forms being filled in, sent (slowly) to the office and re-typed, to a paradise where data is collected easily on mobile devices and goes straight into your office processes. It’s also fun to watch your admin costs drop.

2. Data accuracy: GoCanvas forms make sure that the information you collect is correct and accurate. No more dodgy handwriting, pricing mistakes etc from your team. Just collect what you need and act quickly on the information.

3. Time-savings: When GoCanvas speeds up your working day, just think what you can do with that extra time? With less time spent filling in invoices, work orders, inspections forms, timesheets etc, you can get more work done and enjoy the extra revenue. One customer was able to cut inspection checklists from two hours to fifteen minutes.

4. Dispatch: If you want your staff to be more productive, you can easily use Canvas’s Dispatch feature. From the comfort of your office computer, you can send semi-filled forms directly to your field-workers’ devices so they know exactly where to go, what to do and can complete tasks easily when they get there! Your technicians will spend less time driving too and from the office, and be able to do more jobs in one day.

5. Storage: See those bulky old grey filing cabinets that take over a third of your office space? Do you know how much they cost? Each four drawer filing cabinet costs $1,500 a year. Worse, these documents could get damaged by the elements. What would you do after a major fire or flood? Over 70% of businesses today would fail within three weeks after a major loss of their paper documents.

With GoCanvas, your data is stored securely in the Cloud, so no more need for tons of paper hanging around the office. Just sell the cabinets to someone on eBay who doesn’t understand the benefits of going mobile. Your staff will thank you and so will the trees! And with all that space freed up, maybe it’s time to move to a smaller office. Better still, get a pool table!

So it really is that easy. If you have an Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows device in your pocket, you are just a few moments away from taking your business mobile and enjoying all the productivity, efficiency and cost-savings benefits it brings.

Do You Want to Save Money?

Poto credit: epSos.de via photopin cc