5 Mobile Forms to Upgrade Your Construction Safety Program [Infographic]

By keith bateman on July 21, 2017


Safety Awareness is the Key to Safer Job Sites

The Construction industry accounted for 3 out of the top 10 most violated OSHA standards in 2016. Fall Protection, Scaffolding, and Ladder violations were the most frequently violated OSHA standards from the Construction industry and all were easily preventable if the proper safety precautions had been taken. 

The biggest factor that leads to violations in construction is the lack of proper safety education and supervision on project sites. The good thing is that these lapses in safety can be easily corrected with the implementation of tools like GoCanvas. The GoCanvas platform gives every crew member easy and instant access to the critical site safety forms that they need in order to prevent a major accident from occurring. It also allows for safety supervisors to quickly collect and share data from the field, back to the office, in real-time so that in-depth reporting can occur. This type of reporting is critical in enabling proactive safety decisions to be made, which is the best way to prevent an accident from happening in the first place. 

5 Critical Mobile Forms for Construction Safety

Modifying or upgrading your current company safety program doesn't have to involve brand-new hardware or 100s of hours worth of complex integrations. The secret is to deploy and implement custom solutions that address specific issues within your current safety processes.

With GoCanvas, you're able to create custom mobile forms and workflows that can be deployed directly to your crew members in minutes. All the data collected is instantly made available in the cloud and can be used to make custom safety reports to track safety hazards or incidents across all worksites. This allows your company to begin tracking the trends that lead to accidents and ultimately make proactive decisions to reduce future risk.  

The GoCanvas Application Store has a variety of safety mobile forms to help you instantly digitize your safety program. These forms can be quickly downloaded into your GoCanvas account and be made available on your crews' mobile devices in seconds.

The best mobile forms to add to your site safety program include: 

Tips to Increase Safety on Construction Sites

Looking for more information on how you can keep your workers safe in 2017? Check out this awesome infographic by BreadnBeyond on the state of safety in the Construction industry and what you can do to reduce risk on your company's job sites.

Preventing Accidents