4 Ways to Make Fire Suppression Checklists Faster and Easier

By katie simpson on December 15, 2014

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Fire safety is more than just putting out fires: often it’s stopping them before they even start. Your fire suppression checklists though, can take time both on site as well as back at the office. A smartphone or tablet allows you to make these checklists faster and easier in many ways including:

1. Real Time Information

With a mobile app, you can share and use information in real time. Paper forms can take hours or days to get back to your office. With a mobile checklist, the data is placed into a PDF document that can be emailed directly to customers and colleagues who need the data. 

The completed forms are stored on the GoCanvas servers and are accessible anytime via our website. So you can let customers or your office know in real time whether or not a building passed code. 

Whether you’re on Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry, you can ditch the clipboard, pen, and hours of data entry. All your information will be clean and easy to read in the cloud. 

2. Dispatch for Faster Service

Are you doing multiple fire suppression checks in the same day? It can be confusing to keep track of all the addresses and various types of inspections. 

Going back and forth to the office wastes time and gas. You could do it via phone or email. Over the phone means you could mishear it, and email is easy to lose. 

With a mobile app like GoCanvas, you can use a light dispatch to send pre-populated inspections directly to employee phones. They’ll see where they have to go, the type of checklist to fill out, and any other notes they need to do their job.

With a light dispatch, your inspectors can move straight from job to job, without any stress or confusion.

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3. No More Ambiguity

Handwriting, coffee stains, grease, or just the back of cars: there are lots of ways for checklists to become confusing, unreadable, or just plain lost. Suddenly you’re having to reschedule, or try to remember what you wrote.

Going mobile removes all of these issues. You can protect a phone or tablet far more easily than you can a paper form. Every form is filled with readable text. Once it’s finished, it’s immediately available in the cloud. 

By going mobile you’ll have every inspection immediately available and easy to digest for you, partners, and customers. 

4. Faster Suppression Checklists

Even on site, fire safety professionals are finding that mobile suppression checklists are faster. Why? 

  • Talk, and the phone writesMany phones and tablets allow you to speak into the phone and it transcribes for you. Faster than typing, and often faster than writing by hand too.
  • Fill out only the sections you needSay you have sections you fill out when a sprinkler fails. If the sprinkler passes, it doesn’t even show up in the mobile app. Inspectors move faster, and you don’t have to worry about unnecessary fields being filled out in your checklists.
  • Faster equipment look up with barcode scanningBarcode scan different fire extinguishers or other equipment quickly. Your inspectors will have the accurate equipment auto-populate in their checklist instantly. 

Going mobile for your fire suppression checklists allows you to harness the latest technology to make your work faster and easier than ever before. 

With millions of fires every year, your work at stopping fires is life saving work. This holiday season, treat your business with faster and easier checklists than ever before. Customers find that it’s the gift that keeps on giving back to their business.