4 Ways to Get Your Employees Using a Checklist App

By katie simpson on March 6, 2014

Getting started with a checklist app should be easy. You've done all the research, you know it will help your business save both time and money.  But instead of seeing submissions, are you still struggling with paper checklists? If so, your employees may be struggling to transition to a checklist app.

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To succesfully use checklist apps, you have to work together. Photo credit: Omar Eduardo via photopin cc 

If so, here are four ways to help get your users up and running. 

1. Explain Checklist Apps Over Free Food

Does anyone say no to a free warm meal? One easy way to get your workers attention is with free food. Order some pizza and sodas and invite your workers for a lunch meeting. 

Use this as an opportunity to explain to your employees why using the checklist app is important. More than discussing bottom line and back end data, it can help to focus the meeting on their needs and issues. Some points you can include are:

  • Less data entry
  • Less time filling out a checklist
  • More security for their information
  • Easier communication with customers

If you have time, leave some space for them to ask any questions. If they have any questions you can't answer, feel free to reach out to our support team. We'd be happy to chat with you or any of your employees to answer any of their concerns. 

2. Let Them Use Personal Devices

As people, we're creatures of habits. We like what's familiar. An unfamiliar system could be an issue for some of your users. More than just switching to a checklist app, your employees could have to learn a whole new platform they've never used before.
A great part of GoCanvas is that it's available on multiple platforms and devices: smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. If your users struggle with a different mobile platform, let them bring in their own devices. 

It's easy to start using GoCanvas on a new device. Your employee can download GoCanvas onto their mobile device for free and sign in with their username and password. All of the apps from their account will show up. Your users will enjoy using a platform they already know and love, and be more comfortable filling out checklist apps. 

3. Friendly Competition

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You don't have to be as violent as rugby for a good competition (source)

Bringing in competition can make your checklist app fun. It can bring play into your work, reduce stress, and increase motivation. Build the fun around your checklist app to get your employees using the checklist app. 

There are lots of fun ways to create a friendly competition without losing any data. Some ideas include:

  • Create a list of odd items they must photograph in their checklist apps. Whoever gets the most photographs by the end of the month wins. Just be sure not add these to any PDF sent to a customer. 
  • Compete to see who can do the most accurate checklist apps in one month. Whoever wins gets a $20 gift card. 

Incorporating these or your own ideas for competition can make your checklist app fun for employees and get them using GoCanvas.

4. Ask for Input For Further Growth

Your employees are using checklist apps day in and day out. This experience gives them a different understanding of a checklist app. They might discover a useful field not yet added into the checklist app. Or find that some fields could be faster if they were drop downs not text boxes. If you don't ask for their input, you may never know. 

As time goes on, reach out to your users to hear their thoughts. They could help you discover new pain points they have, or ways to help make your checklist apps even faster. This will help ensure that your workers have the best experience possible and are productive with checklist apps. 

Some companies, like Demmer, even discovered new ways uses for mobile apps as time went on. With GoCanvas, it doesn't matter how many apps you use. Use one or twenty apps, the price never changes. 

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