4 Small Business Problems Android Business Apps Solve

By katie simpson on January 31, 2014

Small Businesses are the heart of the economy, especially in America. In the United States alone, there are over 5 million firms with less than 20 employees. While small businesses are crucial, many face similar issues in their day to day worklife. Invoicing errors, and confusion over client sites are just a few areas that can throw a wrench in your work. 

Your work life doesn’t have to include these hassles. Small businesses combined with Android business apps can solve these issues, today. 

The little green robot can help your small business thrive (Google, Source)

1. Calculation Errors

I’ll be honest: math was never my strong suit. Even if you’re great at algebra, we all make human errors. Nevertheless, these errors cause major issues in businesses. This can lead to a purchase either too large or small from your supplier. 

Even worse, you could send an invoice to a customer that is either too high or too low. Suddenly you’re having to spend time on the phone untangling this mess. With Android business apps, let the phone do the math. Simply fill out the work you did, or the product you need. With your own list of prices, a business app can calculate the total for you. You’ll enjoy smoother transactions and accurate inventory every time. 

2. Lost and Found

Do you or your employees do site visits? If your workforce is mobile, knowing where they need to be and who they are meeting with can be crucial. But with radio, or a phone call, those addresses can be misheard or lost in transmission. While your workers can come back to the office, this method wastes time and gas.

With Android and business apps, you can have a light dispatch. Simply send the information detailing where your workers need to go. You can even include job information, detailing what needs to happen. This will let your workers get more done each day, provide a professional level of service, and create better lines of communication between the office and field. 

3. Enter Your Information Once

No matter what data you take down on paper, you have to transcribe it into your system. This takes extra time, but also can lead to poorer data. How many hours are you spending on entering in information? 5 or 10 a week? That’s a lot of time you could use on growing your business, not just staying organized.

With apps on Android and other systems, you can enter that information once. The data goes straight to the cloud, safe from coffee, the wind, or bad handwriting. Up there, you can easily search for your submissions. Some mobile apps, like GoCanvas, allow you to name your submissions based off of certain fields, such as location, date, or even a client’s name. Save yourself the hours of trying to find a form with a quick search.

Even better: You can easily integrate it into your own backend systems with csv or xml files. Enjoy all your data in one place, and with minimal work to integrate. 

4. Variety of Choices

The best part about apps made for Android? You have a wide range of devices to work with. No matter what carrier you go with, you’ll have options of smartphones and tablets to choose from. Every business has unique needs, and the android platform will give you a variety to choose from. You can begin your search here( http://www.android.com/devices/) to find out the best devices for your needs.

It’s even possible to have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. That way, your users are comfortable with their device, and your upfront costs are lower. 

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