4 Reasons to Use the GoCanvas API

By Joe Baldwin on January 10, 2014

Mobile apps make data collection easier. Fill out your paperless forms and they go straight to the cloud. It can save you time and money (and a lot of headaches).

But did you know that GoCanvas provides more than just easy data collection? We also provide API web-services. These services make integrating and using your data even easier. Here are just 4 reasons why integrating will help your business go even further. 

API Integration With Canvas

1. Automation and Data Integrity

API services eliminate the need for double entry of data. This result is the biggest sell for our customers using API web-services. You’ve already collected information. Why make someone manually transfer that data elsewhere? You can have that information available to use instantaneously within your internal network.

Integrating with GoCanvas gives you better quality assurance of your data. What gets collected can be automatically validated, corrected, calculated and made ready for use. More than better data, you also save money. Automation means your workers can focus on their real work. Even if they spent one hour a week on data entry, that can add up to 40 or 50 hours a year focused on improving your business. A little investment in time to automate can pay huge dividends in the long term.

2. Automation and Interoperability

“API” stands for “Application Programming Interface.” I know it sounds daunting, but you’re already using it in ways you probably hadn’t imagined. Essentially, the GoCanvas API allows your company’s internal systems, such as your CRM or ERP solution to talk with Canvas.

When you allow your systems to work together, you can automate more of your processes. Let’s say you use Dispatch to issue new invoices for agents in the field. Chances are you have to input the same monthly or yearly invoice on a recurring basis. If you have agents in the field you may need to adjust the prices of some of your goods and services on the fly. If you have GoCanvas but aren’t using APIs, then you’d have to go in manually to change the prices. No automation means more tedious work and time spent on small changes.

With APIs, you can automate these processes. Do you need images available from a recent inspection? You can get high resolution images with an API request to our Images API. Maybe you use GoCanvas as a kiosk or canvasing tool to collect data on potential leads. APIs make it easy to build charts and graphs based on the data that you’ve collected across all your forms in realtime. Perhaps you could use this to assess new opportunities!

APIs harness the technology you already have. They unlock the potential to infer relationships and correlations, work more efficiently, reduce errors, and strengthen your business. 

3. Custom Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs

GoCanvas has experienced developers to customize solutions for organizations of any size. We’ve worked to integrate with organizations as varied as those specializing in Pest Control, Trucking, and even the Olympics. Every organization has different needs and we’d love to work with you to come up with a solution tailored just for you.

A custom approach allows you to offer a richer set of services and value added metrics to your customers. Let’s get creative and identify a custom solution that will help you run your business with greater efficiency! 

4. Stay Ahead of The Curve – Embrace the Internet of Things

Companies of all shapes and sizes have embraced APIs. Twitter, Google, and Facebook combine to have over 25 Billion API calls/day. You can find APIs being used by companies such as FedEx, AccuWeather, NetFlix, Expedia. But, did you know that 90% of these company’s revenues are generated through their public and partner API’s?

This trend isn’t just limited to large enterprise organizations. It’s spreading to devices such as Fitbit, Pebble, Nest, and Google Glass. These companies are radically changing the way we interact with our world by offering rich user experiences based on data they collect.  But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check out this video which describes the brave new world called the “Internet of Things.”

Customers not only enjoy these innovations — they expect them!  GoCanvas provides an easy way to collect the data you need to tailor your services, or better understand your customers. What are some ways you’re using GoCanvas that could benefit from these type of integrations?

Focus Your Resources on Growth

If you’re a GoCanvas subscriber, you took the bold step of ditching your paper based forms and going paperless. What seemed like a daunting transition then, probably seems like a no-brainer today. Integrating with the GoCanvas API is a no brainer too. Instead of worrying about data integrity issues and miscommunications arising from recurring and repetitive data entry, you can rest easy and redouble your resources where they matter. Instead, focus your energy on growing your business, reaching out to customers, and finding new channels to expand your company’s reach. 

Do You Want to Save Time and Money?