4 Reasons Mobile Forms Benefit Small Businesses

By Jason Ganz on November 29, 2013

You’ve heard the talk – mobile is the future of business. But for a variety of reasons, you haven’t gone mobile for your small business. Maybe you worry that without an IT department, your company will face too many hurdles. Perhaps your head swims with the cost of the switch. Whatever your reasons, think about these benefits before dismissing mobile solutions.

1. Improved Data Collections

Data is the lifeblood of modern business. How many times has your organization lost money because of a misplaced, damaged or illegible paper form? With mobile forms stored securely in the cloud, you will enjoy both security and easy access to your data. Not only is all of your data accessible, but also available in a variety formats. Invoices, contracts & patient records have never been easier to store & analyze.

The benefits go beyond simple storage however. With advanced features such as built in calculations, pictures & GPS data, you will be able to collect more data than you ever would have dreamed of with paper forms. Ever wanted to see a picture of the damage your employee was inspecting? Do you want to confirm that an employee was where they said they were when filling out a delivery confirmation? Now you can. 

2. Cost Savings

Paper forms secretly cost companies, because the issues have been around so long and seen as part and parcel of running a business. Yet these issues can be eliminated and going mobile will give you a massive productivity boost.

Does your team spend time at the end of the day typing up their paper forms? Perhaps you have an extra administrative assistant just to organize the volumes of paper that your office produces. That’s thousands of dollars you spend each year to manage a paper system. By going mobile, your employees can focus on your core business. You can move the administrator to another role. Even free up space in your office by no longer needing to store paper forms!

The average office user goes through 10,000 pieces of paper a year and spends hours upon hours dealing with the frustrations of paper. Additionally, the costs of filing & storing paper are immense. The average four drawer file cabinet costs $1500 per year in storage space. What would you do with an extra $1500, or $30,000?

It’s even nicer in your bank account (source)

3. Better Data, Better Decisions

With extra time and easy to access your data, you can analyze it for business & customer insights! Maybe your delivery routes could be condensed from 3 drivers to 2. Perhaps you realize there’s a gap in your customer base (and ripe for marketing too)!

What questions have nagged you? Stop wondering and start knowing. Harness the power of your data and make it work for you. With these insights, your company will have a massive leg up against the competition.

4. Younger Generations Will Understand Your Mobile Forms

As the technological landscape changes, digital will be more in demand than ever. As millennials become a larger part of your customer base, they'll expect PDFs, not carbon copies. Mobile forms will keep your brand relevant. But don’t take our word for it, just ask them.


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