4 Communication Fumbles Every Business Can Avoid with Dispatch

By katie simpson on December 18, 2013

Communicating with field workers can be tough. Here are some classic problems you'll avoid, as told by some of our favorite animals. Curious? Read on to see more!

1. The Boomerang

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Your workers come back and forth to the office. They drop off older job forms, and pick up the information for new jobs. It's the best way to ensure accuracy. But, they waste a lot of time driving (not to mention a lot of gas). Even worse? Your workers get less done every day. 

2. The Verbal Fumble

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You've tried to call or use radio. It helps your workers stay out in the field longer, but you gain a whole new set of headaches. The field workers mishear a customer's name, or an address.  Suddenly, you worker is an hour late, and you're neck deep in an angry clients. 

3. The Digital No Man's Land

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Phone and radio haven't worked, so what about email? Often emails get lost in the mess we call our inboxes. Mostly, this gives your office workers more stress. They have to call and follow up with the field workers just to make sure they got the email. Rather than make your life easier, email gives you more work, not less. 

4. The Paper Trap


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There are multiple problems with paper forms. You can easily lose them, and thus, all the valuable information they contain. You stick them in the car, drive around to sites, and without knowing it, a few slipped out between jobs.  Suddenly you're three jobs in, but you have to scramble with the office to find out where the fourth job is.

The other danger is damage to the form. Coffee, tea, tears, cigarettes: these are just a few ways to ruin a form. All it takes is one hard stop to have cofee splash all over your paper, and lose a day's work. Life happens to the best of us, but that's no reason to lose your hard work. 

All of these problems can be solved with a light dispatch service. Send your field workers notifications with important information prepopulated in a mobile app. No need to struggle with phone or radio, just read a few lines of text. They can stay out in the field working, and you'll be able to see that they received the notification when the job is finished.

Even better? Your data is safe. Once your worker finishes their submission, it goes immediately to the cloud. In the cloud your data is protected from coffee, tears, and other human errors. 

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