4 Tech Platforms Helping Small Businesses Operate Like Large Enterprises

By keith bateman on May 24, 2017


Tech Essentials for Small Businesses

Today’s marketplace if filled with all kinds of apps and mobile platforms that were created to make a business owner’s life easier. The problem becomes finding the one that can actually do what it says it does and is also something that your company can easily manage internally without the need for external resources.

Below we’ll explore four such tech platforms that are helping small businesses manage their data, employees, and resources with the efficiency of a large enterprise. You can also read more about these companies in a recent feature in USA TODAY titled “Tech tricks that make running your business a breeze”.

Gusto Logo

Avoid the nightmare that is modern payroll and HR with this all-in-one platform. Gusto helps automate and organize all the administrative tasks of processing payroll, worker’s compensation, health benefits, employee onboarding, 529 college savings, and more. Their platform can even be used to help your business set up long-term savings plans for your employees through Gusto’s 401(k) retirement plan options. With plans starting at just $45 including a whole month to try the platform for free, there is no reason why Gusto shouldn’t be your back office’s best friend!

Proven Logo

For small businesses, finding and hiring the right people is sometimes one of the biggest challenges. Most small businesses don’t have dedicated internal recruiters who spend all day looking for the ideal candidates for their growing business, so this duty usually falls on a department manager or employee in HR who is already busy enough as it is. No one has time to go to each of the 100’s of individual job boards and post a resume, hoping to get a response. Meet Proven. They take away the pain of having to hire a recruiter and instead give you a centralized way of posting a job to multiple job boards with a click of a button. All the applications from those postings are directed back to your centralized view so that you don’t have to log into various sites to view resumes, but can instead look at your Proven dashboard and schedule interviews instantly. And with Proven’s “pay-as-you-go” model, you only pay when you post a job. Stop wasting hours a week trying to be a recruiter, trial out Proven today!

Sigstr Logo

Large enterprises put a major emphasis on the collaboration between sales and marketing, but many times smaller business don’t have the resources to dedicated to both of these departments. Meet Sigstr. This company has created a way to turn every person in your company into a digital marketer. Their platform allows you to easily control the content that is shown within the signature space of your employee’s emails. This means that not only will your entire company have professional looking signatures when reaching out to customers, but with Sigstr it also means you can assign custom marketing campaigns as well. For example, say your company is offering 25% off all roof replacements in the month of July, now when anyone from your sales team sends an email it will include a dynamic ad that displays this promotion and redirects recipients to a specific company site landing page. These ads can be dynamic based on different groups of people within your company, and the centralized Sigstr dashboard will update you on the performance of each groups’ campaign including views and click-through-rate. With plans starting at just $3 per user, you really have no excuse to not amp up your marketing game!

Canvas Logo

The above solutions assist small businesses with everything including HR, Payroll, Recruiting, and Marketing. The one thing that they don’t provide is a faster and more efficient way for your employees to collect and share data in the field. Since 2008, GoCanvas has been providing our clients a customized platform for replacing their daily paperwork with easy to use mobile forms and apps. With features like Dispatch, Data Workflow, GPS, Database Integration and much more, GoCanvas has become the industry standard for small to medium-sized businesses looking to gain greater efficiency without the need for IT. If your company is looking to gain greater visibility into the daily activities of your workers and the data being collected, then it is time to make the switch to GoCanvas. Get started with a absolutely free trial and see the impact it can have on your business today!

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