3 Ways to Create a Mobile Work Order Form in Under 10 Minutes

By keith bateman on May 11, 2017

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Going Paperless in Minutes, Not Months

The secret to setting up the right mobile platform for your business is not by searching for the cheapest tool, but finding the one that you are able to customize, deploy, and manage yourself without the need of IT. This is why more and more companies from the Construction, Inspection, and Field Service industries are choosing GoCanvas for mobile work order and document management.

Still wondering if your business should make the switch to mobile work orders? Take a look at some of these stats from our clients in the Construction industry:

  • 45% of clients use GoCanvas for mobile work orders
  • 72%% of clients reported dramatic improvements in the speed of data collection and reporting
  • 78% of clients increased the productivity of their business by 10-19%+

How to Create a Mobile Work Order During Your Lunch Break

The reason that close to 75% of GoCanvas users are able to build their first mobile form in less than a day is because of our code-free form builder and template library.

Another option is choosing one of the pre-made mobile work order forms in our Application Store of over 30,000 industry and use-case specific templates. This allows you to take your time as you find the right work order that matches your industry and use case. The best part is that you can download as many templates as you wish, test them out, and even customize them using the GoCanvas App Builder to make sure they are perfect. This option is perfect for people who don’t want start from scratch but also want to be hands-on as they build out the mobile platform for their business.

Canvas Mobile Form Builder

The last option (but best in my opinion) is to create a custom work order using the drag-and-drop, no-code builder.

This option gives you the ability to customize everything from the features, user experience, and the reports of your work order. You are able to make the work order as simple as a two screen mobile form with simple data entry fields to as complex as a 15 screen mobile form with automated calculations and conditional fields. This option allows you create a data collection experience that matches the specific job or project that your employees are undertaking.

Go Paperless Today

The best part about all of these options is that there is NOT a huge time or cost investment. Your business is able to design, create, and deploy a mobile platform under a week without the need for involving IT or outside consulting services. This is ideal for any company who is looking for a boost in productivity but is afraid of investing large amounts of time and money in technology.

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