3 Ways to Automate Data Approvals & Increase Accountability with Workflow

By keith bateman on July 6, 2017

Custom Data Workflows to Fit Your Daily Processes

Workflow with Canvas

Collecting data is an essential part of every business on the planet, but it’s only half of the equation.

Sharing data with the right people, at the right time, is often more important than just simply writing it down. But often when companies collect data with paper forms, it can take hours, days, and sometimes weeks for the information to reach its final destination! This isn’t even taking into account the other complexities that can make the paper-based data collection process even more difficult including multi-department approvals, out-of-state projects, and more!

Workflow with Canvas

Read below how mobile process improvement platforms like GoCanvas are changing the way that companies look at the collection and transmission of their data, and how a simple changes like using Workflow could help your business recover 100’s of hours in productivity every year. 

3 Ways to Automate Your Data Approval & Delivery Processes

The GoCanvas platform is not only a great way to combine all your paper forms into a single mobile app, but it’s also a means of controlling how and when your company’s data is collected.  Read below to learn about three popular use cases for the mobile Workflow feature of GoCanvas and what kind of impact it could have on your business.

Review & Approve Timesheets: Collecting employee daily or weekly timesheets is always a pain, but with GoCanvas it can almost become a pleasure. Instead of your crews having to fill out a piece of paper on every job site at the end of the day or week, they will instead simply log their time right on their phone. Once complete, those times will be sent automatically to their site supervisor who will receive a notification on his or her GoCanvas mobile device. The supervisor can then access and check each employee’s time, add comments, and reject if necessary. If everything looks good, the supervisor can sign off on the timesheet and send it to the company’s cloud database so that it can be digitally filed and processed by the office accounting team.

Safety Violation Tracking: For the Construction, Field Service and Manufacturing industries, employee safety is always a top priority. Due to the nature of work that is involved in these industries, having an efficient system for reporting and reviewing safety violations is essential.

By using Workflow with GoCanvas, a safety supervisor can now do his/her rounds at each project site, fill out the safety reports, and send the results to the office manager for review in real-time. The best part is that reports can be conditionally triggered to be sent for review if, such as, an item is marked as “Failed” or “Requires Correction”. This ensures that the office is only being sent notifications about the most critical reports, which allows them to focus on implementing real-time corrective actions to improve specific site safety situations.

Multi-step Construction Tasks: No matter what you are building or producing, it usually takes a group of people to get the job done. With paper forms, this involves each person who works on a particular task filling out a report. This usually leads to there being folders and upon folders worth of unorganized paper documentation.

With Workflow from GoCanvas, the data collected from start to finish of each task is kept neatly together in a single report. Once “John Doe” completes his part of the task, he can pass or “hand-off” the digital report to “Jane Johnson” so that she can complete her part of the report and continue this process in a dynamic chain of data collection until the report is complete! There will be no more swimming through filing cabinets to find that report from last year since now every completed report will be stored neatly in the cloud for you to easily search through using a simple keyword search. You can even track the status of “in-progress” reports to see why a certain report hasn’t be turned in yet!

And remember, each workflow can be easily setup and customized based on the different types of work processes being conducted, no matter the length. If you’d like to learn more, check out this amazing Workflow eBook on how real companies are making the switch from paper forms to GoCanvas!

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