3 Ways Mobile Workers Use GoCanvas Business Apps

By melanie masanque on November 14, 2013

While I’ve only been at GoCanvas for three months, I’ve seen a wide range of industries and people use GoCanvas in their businesses. From service technicians to medical professionals, GoCanvas helps businesses of all kinds streamline their processes and eliminate inaccuracies. Below are just three examples of mobile workers using GoCanvas business apps

Service Technicians

From fixing refrigerators to broken down cars, service technicians are rarely in the office and a major reason service technicians love GoCanvas. On top of all the tools and equipment, a clunky clip board doesn’t help!

Even if all the information is filled out perfectly, not all paper forms return from the field. Those that do can take hours or days! GoCanvas allows you to conveniently fill out service orders or invoices on your smartphone or tablet. Once submitted, your office can access the information in real time.

Mobile Sales Force

From printer services (how ironic) to hardwood floor installers, making sales is more than a great pitch. Our customers have to carry a lot of data including parts lists and labor rates. If you have just two or three meetings a day, it’s a hassle to carry all that paper. Our customers are able to upload their own data with our reference data feature. Not only do they have less back aches, but also more accurate information.

Even better? Our mobile apps eliminate headaches from the endless squinting at poor handwriting. GoCanvas allows for faster billing and easy sharing with customers via email or our mycanvas feature.

Truck Drivers

Any truck driver can tell you: filling out pre- and post-truck safety inspections is a tedious process. Drivers rest easy with GoCanvas because our apps make these inspections a breeze.  They use our GPS and signature capture for Bills of landing, proving their arrival.  With immediate access in the cloud, these can be shared in real time with both the seller and buyer.

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