3 Ways GoCanvas Can Increase Data Visibility Across Your Organization

By keith bateman on August 17, 2017

Canvas Data Sharing

Collecting Data is Only Half the Battle

With GoCanvas, the ability to collect data in less time is solved the day that you deploy your 1st mobile form, but the fun doesn’t end there.

One of the biggest benefits to going mobile within your business is that it enables you to send, receive, and analyze data in real-time. Paper forms by their very nature do not allow for the free flow of information within an organization, and can significantly hamper the efficiency of your field users. Phone calls, text messages, and scanners are not an effective way to convey and share key pieces of information across employees.

With GoCanvas, you are given a variety of tools and options that allow you to securely share and analyze your data. Let’s explore some of these options and discuss how they can be implemented within your business today!

Securely Share & Store Your Data

Stacks of paper and filing cabinets are a thing of the past once you’ve deployed the GoCanvas platform.

With GoCanvas, the data that you collect on your mobile device gets automatically emailed and submitted to a secure cloud database as a PDF report. All these reports are then instantly available to all Administrators on the account for printing, emailing, downloading, or even for editing. The raw data from these reports may even be mass exported to a CSV file so that custom Excel reports can be made!

Now let’s explore our top three favorite ways of sharing data with GoCanvas!

#1 – Google Drive, Box, & Dropbox

Canvas Integrations

GoCanvas has put into place amazing integrations that I like to call our “quick connectors”. These integrations literally take less than 5 minutes to setup and give you the ability to begin sharing your data instantly. Programs like Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox are great because of how easy they are to search through and find the files you need, and that they also allow you to neatly organize data into folders that can be viewed by only specific groups of people.

The GoCanvas integration works hand in hand with this functionality by allowing users to specify which field in their mobile form they want folders to be created and dependent upon. So if you have a work order form and specify that you want folders created based on the “Customer Name” field, a new folder would be created every time a unique customer name was inputted on a GoCanvas report. What this means is that now all your GoCanvas reports will automatically be organized for you in the cloud by the field that you specified, and only accessible to the groups of people that you allow.

#2 – Webservices Integration

We know sometimes that companies need advanced data sharing capabilities, more than just simply pushing data into other cloud based systems like Google Drive.

API - Canvas

GoCanvas has an open, REST API which means that you can literally connect with any other open-ended software system on the planet. You can even view and download our entire API documentation right from our website and complete the integration process all on your own!

But we understand that some integrations and projects are too overwhelming to do on your own. The good news is that here at Canvas we have an amazing Professional Services team that can help with database integrations that need a little extra elbow grease. Whether it be to connect your GoCanvas system to an SQL database or simply push your data to Excel pivot tables, our team of professionals is here to assist you in getting your data to the right systems so that information can be analyzed in real-time. You can click here to learn more about GoCanvas Professional Services.

#3 – Zapier Data Connections

The final great way to share your data with the GoCanvas platform is by leveraging our connection with Zapier!

If you’re not familiar with the Zapier platform, it essentially allows you to quickly connect and share your Canvas backend data with over 500 cloud-based software programs. This means that you can have all the data that your front-end users are collecting be automatically synced with the backend systems that you already have in place.

Here are some examples of programs that GoCanvas can connect with via Zapier:

  • Canvas IntegrationsQuickbooks
  • Salesforce
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • QuickBase
  • And much more!

Zapier allows for the seamless flow of information to the programs that the different departments within your company use and view information from. No longer will there be delays in receiving information since all the manual pieces of data reporting are eliminated through these integrations! Learn how you can get started with Zapier in just minutes.

Start Sharing Your Data with Canvas