3 Apps Your Restaurant Needs Today

By Nick Mirisis on October 23, 2019
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3 Apps You Need to Optimize Your Restaurant Workflow

Running a restaurant can be difficult and chaotic, but the latest technical wave can help you lighten your workload, optimize company organization, and increase restaurant profits. Mobile apps especially lend themselves to benefitting restaurant businesses due to their diversity in function and ease of use. These three mobile app types can revolutionize your restaurant and save you time and money. 

Digital Order Processing

As you might have suspected, restaurants with digital ordering elements can have an edge over those that don’t. The National Restaurant Association recently confirmed this when reporting a trend in consumer preference towards restaurants with digital ease in the ordering and payment processes. Their 2019 Restaurant Industry Factbook states, “26% of consumers say the availability of tableside electronic ordering and payment options would make them choose one restaurant over another.” This demonstrates how the digital offerings of a restaurant (or lack thereof) can affect its attraction to target markets. 

GoCanvas offers a Restaurant Food Order App, which combines order taking with mobile payments plus digital signature capture. This advanced restaurant application can also reduce errors that might occur with paper-based ordering processes. With a mobile application, you can easily mark needed areas as “required” which means that the order cannot be completed until each section is filled out, and the order can be digitally transmitted to the kitchen for quick and convenient efficiency.

Restaurant Management

Checklists can be beneficial to a restaurant’s organization and productivity, both of which are essential within any restaurant business. Here are some of the preferred checklist applications commonly used by restaurant businesses: 

  • Closing Restaurant Checklist App: The closing shift of your business likely comes with a specific set of tasks to prepare your restaurant for the next day. With a Restaurant Closing Checklist App, you can ensure that everything gets done properly, providing clarity and accountability for the night shift. 
  • Health and Sanitation Checklist App: Poor sanitation can affect a restaurant’s appeal and longevity. By using a Restaurant Inspection Checklist App on your mobile application, you and your employees can ensure daily that your business is maintained at the highest standard. 
  • Kitchen Safety Checklist: You can implement mobile apps within your kitchen to maintain the highest industry safety standards. Customize this Restaurant Safety Checklist App or build your own

Mobile checklists can change the way you run your restaurant, making it easy to stay organized, efficient, and transparent. The accountability that these apps provide also serves as a motivational tool for your employees. The digital interface makes these checklists completely customizable, so you can create a mobile checklist for any of your restaurant’s internal processes. 

Inventory Management 

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Your restaurant’s inventory fluctuation can leave you with food waste or shortages if poorly managed; however, with the right help, you can stay ahead of these supply and demand variances within your business. This can help you save money on wasted perishables, lost business, and more. The Restaurant Inventory App helps you track the cost of new and needed inventory without the expensive software that many businesses use. You can use this inventory management information to make quick adjustments to your menus and daily specials. 

Get GoCanvas

All of the above restaurant applications are rolled into one with GoCanvas. Use this dynamic program to manage multiple facets of your business—streamlining your internal procedures and converting your paper processes to digital can help you stay flexible and competitive in the ever-changing restaurant market. Try GoCanvas and all of its features with a free 30-day trial – no credit card required. Sign up today to get started!