3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Checklist App

By kalliopi vlastos on January 3, 2014

Many newcomers to GoCanvas think that mobile forms are the way of the future.

I have some bad news for you: They’re not the way of the future. They’re the way of the present.

GoCanvas mobile apps have been around for nearly 5 years! That’s only two years less than the iPhone. Yes, this same technology (with constant improvement) has been around since 2009.

It’s time to join the club.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at one app that most business could make use of – the checklist. It’s a common business procedure whether you’re in construction or education. You might have one (or ten) on your desk now.  Here are three scenarios where your business would benefit having them as mobile apps.


1. The Cost of Human Error

Consider the value of one paper form. How much could losing or damaging a form cost you? At the very least, it will cost you time spent re-entering the information or time spent contacting your customer to see if they could send you a copy of their form (awkward for you, embarassing for your business). In both cases human error costs you precious time.

Both of these scenarios are avoided with a mobile app. After you finish the checklist, you can upload the information to the cloud. You can even send a PDF copy to your customer the moment you finish filling the app out.

With XML and CSV export and API webservices, you can integrate your backend to the cloud. In plain English? Your data goes straight into your databases.That’s right, no need to re-enter data. Enter it once and you’re all done.

Say goodbye to the process slower than game of Scrabble (woodleywonderworks, source)


2. You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello…to Checklists

Ok, the Beatles didn’t write a song about checklists. Still, startup and closeout checklists are essential in project-based work. You need to notify your client that you’ve finished the job to his/her specifications. To make it easier on you both, you even provide a list for reference.

You can also provide better customer service by going mobile. A checklist app can include photos of the completed job, and signatures from the client’s on site representatives. With a customized PDF, you can send your findings immediately after your submission. Not only does your client receive the checklist faster, but they also get an easy format to store in their own database for future use.

In the event of a future dispute, you can easily search find the record in our database and present it to the client.  Another option GoCanvas provides is  MyCanvas. This creates a data storage locker for your clients. They can access their specific records in the cloud at anywhere, anytime.


3. What Do You Mean, ‘We Don’t Have His Emergency Contact Form’!


If only we could all look so good while panicked. (Joamm Tall, Source)

No one ever wants to be in an emergency situation, confused on who to call. If you can’t find those forms…you could be. 

But that’s why new employees fill out forms right? Do you know how many forms each new employee fills out? For many of my construction clients, it averages at 6-8.

These forms include:

  • Emergency Contact Sheets
  • Union labor forms
  • W-4s and more  

Keeping track of which employees have filled out which forms can be a mess. With a new employee checklist, you can easily identify which forms have been filled out and which ones are missing. Even take photos of certain documents (drivers license) that your employees turned in for reference. This checklist app will keep you organized and cut down on your clutter.

We hope the worse case scenario never happens. If it does, you’ll be ready with this checklist app.

“Small Opportunities are Often the Beginning of Great Enterprises”**

Demosthenes never had a smartphone or heard about a mobile app. Still, this quote could have been about mobile apps. These three scenarios are just a few of the many ways you can use a checklist app. Just one app can save your business hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.