3 Reasons why the new iOS 5 Release Will Sell Even More iPads to Businesses

By James W Quigley on October 20, 2011

ios5 for ipad and iphone is a big upgrade for businesses

Last week, Apple released the latest version of Apple’s iOS for iPhone and iPad – iOS 5.  This news was somewhat lost in the record breaking sales of the iPhone 4GS, but the release of iOS 5 silently represented one of the biggest upgrades to the OS for business users.  Here are the top 3 reasons why this release represents a major upgrade for iPhone/iPad business users.

Reason 3: iCloud – With iCloud you can backup key critical information to Apple’s storage in the cloud and for free.   So imagine you have to iCloud for iOS5reboot your device, lose your device, damage your device etc..  you aren’t going to lose all your contacts, documents etc.  You can reynch from the cloud with Apple’s new iCloud service.  You can have your device auto back-up as well making sure you don’t lose information if you do need to resynch.  


Reason 2: Wireless Synch: If you want to synch to your computer you no longer need to physically plug in now.  As well you can push the synch from your computer or from your iPhone/iPad.   Forget that white cable…  you can synch a number of devices that Wireless Synch iOS5are in a room and leave that cable in the drawer. 


Reason 1: You no longer need a computer to bind/synch to an iPad/iPhone.  You are a business user and you want to buy 100 PC Free Synch for iOS5iPad’s for your staff to run the latest app for your team. In the past you would need a computer to link to these devices and until Reason 2 you needed to physically plug in as well.  With iOS 5 you no longer need to have a computer to set your iPad/iPhone up.  This makes things… dramatically easier for iPad/iPhone business users. 

Bonus Reason:  Siri is iPhone’s natural language voice assistant.  Siri, although it only works on iPhone today, has a few interesting key features that will resonate for business users.  One of the key features includes a way to give a command to remind you of something when you reach / penetrate through a particular GEO Fence.  So imagine you want to remind yourself when you get Siri on iOS 5back to your office to check your oil levels.   You can tell Siri to deliver that memo only when you get back to your office and it knows that based on your geo-location.  


Our predication these changes are only going to speed up the adoption of iPhone and iPad into businesses.