3 Options for Creating and Deploying Mobile Business Apps

By danny white on December 5, 2013

You love mobile apps, and want to start using them for your organization. But, then there are a few ways to make your mobile business apps. Should you start from scratch or let someone else do the work? Before you start to worry, check out these 3 options for creating and deploying apps to help you choose the right solution for your business.

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Don't know where to start? Let us be your guide (source)

Option 1 – Let us do the work!

GoCanvas’s Send Us Your Form (SUYF) program is one of the best deals out there: We will take any form and build you a mobile app to replace it in a matter of days. That’s right, an app that works across platforms, can capture signatures, images and track GPS location and will store all submitted data in the cloud.

That’s great, but where’s the price tag? Your first form is available for the price of $0. Plus, we’ll throw in deployment to everyone throughout your organization for, you guessed it, $0 for your first 30 days. 

Option 2 – Grab an app from the store and GO

GoCanvas boasts an app store with over 11,000 apps (and counting). All are available to use “as-is” or to customize. Thousands of them were developed according to industry standards like OSHA, by form companies like Deluxe or with partners like Service Channel in mind. Selecting an app is as simple as visiting the store and searching for a key word. Go ahead, try it here

Once you’ve selected your app, and added a user or 100 (did we mention we can upload them in bulk?) Send them the app. We can group your users too, to ensure they only have access to the apps applicable to them. 

Option 3 – Build Your Own

GoCanvas has tens of thousands of customers, the vast majority of them are proficient app builders. They change fields on the fly, import, use reference data and create advanced lists. They can do it, not because they're IT professionals, but because GoCanvas is easy to use! They get control and can ensure their end-users have the best possible experience.

Plus, GoCanvas has the ability to push and pull data to apps programmatically to provide real-time data integration with other platforms. This includes the ability to connect to active directory, for example, for seamless grouping and app deployment. Creating a fully connected and integrated mobile platform through GoCanvas will have you up and running in days or weeks and at a fraction of the cost of tradition mobile app strategies.

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