3 Mobile Forms Every Landscaping Company Needs for Spring 2017

By keith bateman on April 27, 2017

Landscapers Leveraging Mobile Technology

With more and more companies for every industry deciding to going paperless, it only seems to make sense that a paper intensive profession like landscaping would be the next to start.

So, what then is the biggest hesitation for transitioning? Deployment time!

The best part about using the GoCanvas platform for creating mobile forms is that 76% of companies build their 1st forms in less then a day. This means you aren’t wasting time on coding, designing, or things that take time away from you making money.

Converting Paper form to Mobile Form

Mobile Forms in Minutes

It’s important to have a strategy whenever you start a new business initiative. This will not only help with the transition to a new process, but will assist in reducing the time spent on mistakes and corrections. This is why GoCanvas created the Application Store.

The Application Store allows businesses, especially those in landscaping services, to search, filter, and find the specific mobile templates they need to fit their existing processes. This ensures little to no downtime and helps landscapers replace outdated, manual processes with dynamic mobile ones within days, not weeks. You can even take the templates you find in the Application Store and customize them using the App Builder to better fit within your business. This includes adding features like Barcode Scanning, Photo Capture, Signature Capture, Payment Collection, Dropdown lists, and more.

Take a look at three mobile forms we suggest getting started with for your landscaping team:

And if your interested in viewing over 100 more mobile form templates for your landscaping business, click here!

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