3 Roofing Mobile Forms That Every Contractor Should Have in 2017

By keith bateman on April 13, 2017


The Roofers Guide to Going Paperless

When it comes to any company in the Field Service industry, the more jobs you can complete the better.

The problem for many roofing businesses, especially roofing contractors, is that the method for quoting, inspecting, and billing of jobs is still being done manually on a piece of paper. Using paper gives a business or roofing contractor no advantage in terms of acquiring new customers, completing more jobs on a weekly basis, or reducing their monthly operational costs. In fact, it does the opposite.

Often times paper forms negatively affect the performance Field Service companies.

These negative effects include:

  • Spending 100’s of hours per month of data extraction and manual re-entry into backend systems
  • Reducing the potential # of jobs possible to complete per month
  • Decreasing client referral rates by up to 19%
  • Losing up to $20,000 in operating costs due to forms

Combine these factors, along with the general setbacks caused by using paper (see below), and you begin to realize that mobile forms are a game changer.

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Streamlining Operations with Roofing Mobile Forms

The biggest objection we hear from roofing contractors who hesitate to transition from paper forms is that “I don’t have time right now, this is my busy season.”

Desktop Computer

But this is exactly why you should be using GoCanvas. Over 70% of GoCanvas users are able to build their 1st mobile form in less than a day and 60% of clients increase their efficiency by up to 35%. This means you’ll have even more time to do what you want. Whether it’s building mobile forms, completing more projects, or simply enjoying the added free time you never had before.

We also have options that involve “hands-free” mobile form building, where we will do the work for you! You can send us all the paper forms your roofing business currently uses and we’ll build them into mobile versions. Another option is to explore our Application Store (mobile form library) of over 20,000 templates that cover every industry. You’re able to filter by mobile forms related to roofing and download as many as you wish with no added costs.

Essential Mobile Forms for Roofers 

When you start to go paperless, it is important to focus on the areas of your business where the most data is being collected and shared. These are the areas that are most likely causing the most delays in your roofing business because of data backups or reporting errors, and is the place where a mobile form can have the most immediate impact.

And when it comes to roofing, the three areas we identified as being the most time and data intensive include:

These three areas are critical to a roofing business’ project lifecycle which includes securing a job, properly completing it, and getting paid. Implementing mobile forms into these three key areas can help a company to accelerate their sales cycle, decrease mistakes on the job, and increase client satisfaction.

In order to help you get started, below are three mobile forms we suggest downloading. These templates were created to help streamline those three data intensive areas found within a typical roofing company’s project lifecycle, as well as to allow you to begin instantly storing your data in the cloud without the need for any data re-entry on the backend!

Click on any of the forms below to download and get started for free today!  We also offer a Building Inspection App with Dispatch for inspecting aspects of a building beyond the roof, as well as a Roofing Certificate of Work Completion Form that you can customize.

Roofer Invoice Form - Mobile FormRoofing Inspection Report - Mobile FormRoofing Service Agreement - Mobile Form

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