23 Awesome Things You Can Buy on Amazon With One GoCanvas Referral

By katie simpson on February 6, 2015
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With our new referral program, for every person you refer that becomes a paying customer, you get an Amazon gift card for $50. As easy as a tweet, you can start enjoying some nice gift cards!

So what can $50 on Amazon really get you? To help get your creative juices flowing, here are 23 ideas that could improve your office, home, or next vacation.

1. Improve Your Golf Game

For less than $50, you can get Titleist Pro Golf Balls for those serious about their game you can get a dozen top quality balls with low spin off and more consistent flight. 

With GoCanvas saving you from spending weekends at the office, take the extra time to enjoy 9 or 18 holes of golf. With these balls, you might even see your score improve.

2. Protect Your Ice Cream

We've all been there. You bought an amazing pint of ice cream. When you go to get it out of the freezer…it's already gone. 

Well now you can protect your ice cream from greedy kids or coworkers with the Ben and Jerry's Lock Protector. For $28.99 you get an easy to use lock that fits on your ice cream. 

A/N: Never lose your ice cream again.

An added bonus? You can probably watch people “tug ineffectually at the lock while moaning like zombies seeking brains!” Comedy comes free of charge. 

3. Sleek Office Decor 

Want something more practical? The TaoTronics Dimmable Light is a sleek addition to the office. It comes with multiple lighting levels and mood settings. With built in usb ports, charge your smartphone or tablet before your next meeting. 

With LED lighting, you'll go even greener, and save more money. 

4. Enjoy classic movie night

Miss the old noir films? If you're a fan of Bogart, Bacall, or Hitchcock, TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Murder Mysteries is a great addition. For $15.00 enjoy the thrill of blackmail, suspense, illicit love and the twists and turns of these great films. 

For $15.00, you can have a great movie night without even leaving your house. 

5. Quality breakfast every day

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So you deserve to have a breakfast you love, not just the same old cereal. If you're anything like me, breakfast sandwiches help you start your day right. 

For $30, you can start to easily make your own right at home! The Hamilton Breakfast Sandwich Maker makes it easy. In five minutes you can have a toasted sandwich with eggs, cheese, and more!  

Resist the temptation to buy your sandwich at McDonald's or Starbucks and make the perfect sandwich tailored to you.

6. Show off your Buckeye Pride

This 2014 National Football Championship cap is for your die hard Buckeye fan. For $25.99 they can show off how Ohio State won the national football championship first and protect their face from the sun and jealous glares.

Another option? Give it to your favorite Michigan fan to use in their next bonfire.  

7. Staying connected, no smartphone required

For anyone that likes to hike or go on outdoor adventures, these walkie talkies are great for staying in touch while outdoors without relying on your cell phone. With rechargeable batters and 23 mile range, you can be sure to keep in touch without needing your ipad or smartphone on your hike. 

8. Put your paper to bed forever

Now that your business is getting rid of paper, you have a few options in getting rid of paper. You could hire this cat, or for $49.99 get a paper shredder.  This shredder can run continuously for 3 minutes and can even shred up to 8 sheets of A4 paper at the same time. Oh and they don't need a litter box. 

With your information now in the cloud, the paper shredder can help you free up office space for a place to practice your golf putt, or relax in a lazy boy chair.

9. Travel in comfort

Whether for work or play, we often find ourselves in cars, trains, and airplanes. Sleeping in these places? Not so easy. 

We all know sleep is important. With this travel pillow you can finally get some shut eye without neck pain. For $29.95, wake up refreshed for either your vacation or your important business meeting. 

10. The Ultimate Beach Chair

Being at the beach is great. Getting from your beach house to the shore? That's the hard part. Between carrying chairs, towels, sunblock, and snacks, it can be a huge pain to just arrive.

At $48.76, this beach chair will make your trip to the beach easier and stay comfier. It has padded shoulder straps, an insulated beverage pouch, cargo pouches, and a folding towel bar.Everything you need, in one chair.

11. Convert (Cheaply) to a Standing Desk

More and more research is coming out about how prolonged sitting is bad for you. Sitting seems to be connected to slower metabolisms, shortened life spans, and higher risk for heart disease.

One way to boost your health is to convert to a standing desk. Not ready to make a big investment? The iCraze adjustable laptop table is a great way to try it out. For $35.99, this allows you to adjust the height of your laptop on your desk. With vents, it also ensures your computer won't overheat.

With the iCraze table, you can start standing more, and improve your health bit by bit. 

12. Sleek Protection for Your Tablet

Now that you're using tablets for work, isn't it time you got a great case? This kindle leather case is a great option for the kindle fire. At $44.99 it will protect your device from wear and tear.

More than simple protection, when you open or close the case, your kindle will automatically wake up or slepp. With a built in stand, it doesn't just look great but makes it easy to read, watch movies, or fill out a GoCanvas submission! 

13. Digitize Even Further

You're seeing the benefits of cloud storage for all your records and documentation, but what about for all your photos? With Amazon you can also enjoy cloud storage. For $50 a year, you can have 100 GB of storage. No more cumbersome DVD racks, or wondering where that photo album went. It's all available in the cloud. 

14. Premium Coffee, No Barista Required

If you love coffee, you don't need to break the bank to get a great cup. This french press by GROCHE gives you the full flavor every time. Don't be fooled by the small photo: this press can hold up to a liter or 34 oz at one time. This isn't just helpful for your solo cup of coffee or tea, but also the next time you want to impress your coffee loving friends.

GoCanvas is all about saving you time and money over the long run. At $37.66, this french press will save you from having to go out to Starbucks for your dark roast and help you save hundreds. 

15. A Great Tool Bundle

Now that you're spending less time at the office doing data entry, you can finally get to those home projects you've always wanted to do. 

With this magnetic wristband, and cordless drill holster, your home improvement projects just got easier. The wristband lets you keep  screws, nails, easily on hand while the holster makes it easy to keep your drill out of your way when working. 

GoCanvas is all about making your work easier. For $24.79, this bundle will make your home improvement or DIY projects easier too.

16. Pretend to be Wolverine While at a Barbeque 

These epic claws make meat shredding easy. Whether you love pork, turkey, beef or ham. Take out the struggle from your dinner or party and just more easily cook and prepare your food.

Leave your forks and knives for the dinner table, and enjoy these plastic claws for just $12.99. Never worry about cleaning up afterwards: these plastic claws are dishwasher safe. 

Enjoy hassle free meat prep from start to finish.

17. Drink Like a Pirate

At least 50% of us have, at one point or another, wanted to be a pirate. Okay, the statistic isn't real, but if you know someone who's a fan of Pirates of the CaribbeanThe Goonies, or any film related to Peter Panthis pirate bottle opener is a fun and functional gift. 

For $11.11, you'll have a bottle opener that works and give lots of laughs. 

18. Keeping Your (Beer) Cool 

Summer may be months away for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but nothing like a warm beer to ruin the drink. Forget about the ice buckets and stuffed freezer: These corksickle beer chillers can fit inside your beer, and drink with them inside. 

Whether you're in the middle of a great Sydney summer, or a crowded winter house party, at $23.44, these subtle additions will keep your drinks cool and give you less to worry about. 



19. Do it Yourself Brewing

More and more people are starting to make their own beer or kombucha. No matter what you like to ferment at home, this 12 piece set of 16 oz bottles gives your favorite brewer a place to put their one of a kind drink. 

Easy to open and close, one 60 year old grandma even said it took her less than three minutes to fill all twelve bottles. At $39.99, these can help your master brewer get their concoction a step closer to a finished product.

20. The grumpy plush toy for kids and adults

With her iconic grumpy face, grumpy cat is all over the internet, in photos, memes, and was even seen at SXSW just this past year.

This hilarious stuffed toy brings grumpy cat right into your home. Perfect for your cat lovers, or people that are terrible grumps in the morning. The soft fur and hilarious face is a toy to make someone laugh and enjoy a good cuddle. At $16.07, it's a gift that will last. 




21. Improve your workday with better music 

Depending on the kind of work you do and office environment, listening to music can be huge in helping you focus, work on repetitive tasks. To make that experience even better? Having the right kind of headphones. These Sony Noise Canceling Headphones not only ensure great music quality but can also be used for your phone calls. 

At $37.95, these are a great entry point into noise canceling headphones. If you work in a noisy open office like me, they can be the trick to tune out the background chatter, and help you focus on getting your work done. 

22. Make your car shine

Now that you don't have to spend hours on data entry or finding missing information, why not spend some time taking care of the vehicle that makes your day possible?

At $20.49, this liquid glass auto polish/finish will give your car a high gloss finish and protect against road salt, acid rain. Easy to apply and safe on paint, this will help your car shine and stay safe through the snowy months ahead.

23. Add Some Fun to the Office

More and more studies show that play isn't just for kids. Play has been found to help with problem solving and creating deeper social relationships. 

Going paperless has probably given you some more office space. So why not add a dart board? It's an easy way to blow off steam at the end of the day, with a little bit of competition to keep things exciting. Add on two sets of darts, and you're only at $45.97. 

This set won't break the bank and could even boost your company's morale, engagement, and ultimately, their productivity.


You could spend hours perusing Amazon and find thousands of items for under $50. In fact, you could buy multiple items on this list together and still not reach $50. Once you start referring potential new customers, the things you could enjoy with your $50 Amazon gift card are endless. 

So what are you waiting for?

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