2 Easy Ways to Connect GoCanvas with Microsoft SQL Server

By keith bateman on April 18, 2016


GoCanvas is always looking for ways to allow our subscribers to more easily connect their data with the databases that they already use! One of the most requested integrations is connecting GoCanvas with the powerful Microsoft SQL Server. 

If you are not already familiar with the SQL Server, it is part of the Microsoft data platform and rated by Gartner as the leading Operation Database Management System(ODBMS) in the world. The SQL Server allows you to securely store your data in a master database and then apply additional data analysis tools like business intelligence to it. 

With GoCanvas, the leader in mobile apps for business, we wanted to make it easier for you to get the data you collect into the places you need it. In many cases, subscribers want the mass amount of data they collect with GoCanvas to be seamlessly pushed into their SQL Server and analyzed. We can do that!

Here's How


  1. Creating a Zapier Connection

GoCanvas is partnered with the third party service, Zapier, which allows customers to connect different cloud-based services to one another without the investment of a full-scale integration project. Zapier calls these pre-built connections “Zaps”, and they have one already in place for GoCanvas & SQL Server.  With this “Zap”, you can take all the data you collect with the GoCanvas app and have it auto-fill as rows within your SQL Server database. It is a very simple data process and perfect for those subscribers who are looking to get data from Point A to Point B very quickly.

In the video below, we will walk you through how simple it is to connect GoCanvas with SQL via Zapier. To makes things easier during setup, have your Microsoft SQL Server account information handy. If you don't have a Zapier account, you can start for free here! 

 2. Professional Services:

Since Microsoft SQL can be very a complex system and be connected to various other tools, some subscribers may need a more advanced integration than what is offered through Zapier.  This is why GoCanvas has an internal Professional Services team to assist in all kinds of custom integration projects. Our team will schedule a call with you to discuss the needs, time frame, and systems involved in the project. We have experience working with other top database systems including Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and IBM. Call today for more information: 1-703-436-8069

Want to learn how GoCanvas can better streamline your back-end processes? Give us a try!