10 Companies Powering the Future of Work & Representing D.C. Tech

By keith bateman on March 14, 2016

NCAA March Madness is finally upon us and with it comes competition within the tech community as well! 

GoCanvas was honored to be selected as one of the final 64 companies to be selected to the 2016 DC Inno Tech Madness Bracket. We are competing along with 63 other tech orientated companies who have made an impact not just in the D.C. tech community, but like GoCanvas, are making an impact across the world and revolutionizing the future of work.

We have picked 10 companies from the competition that we think are innovators in their specific industries. It's not just about having a great office culture and standing desks (though we love those things, too)Here at GoCanvas, we appreciate people and businesses that think big and do big things and help drive the pace of technological change forward even faster. We have highlighted these Future of Work companies specifically to focus on the impact they have made to our local landscapes, or in the case of a couple, how they plan to change the course of how business is done on a grand scale through new technologies.

 – A 2016 CES Honoree, LifeFuels has made it their mission to transform your standard 16 oz. water bottle into a “Smart Bottle” with responsive intelligence to help make nutrition and hydration management a reality. LifeFuels' Smart Nutrition Bottle works in hand with their FuelPods to help deliver vitamins, nutritional products, or beverage concentrates when you need them. The “Smart Bottle” can carry up to 5 FuelPods at one time, and interfaces with your smartphone to track your intake and your usage of the pods. The FuelPods will carry everything including protein powder, Pre/Intra/Post workout supplements, sleep aids, energy supplements, vitamins(B12, D3, Iron, etc), and even water enhancers. It's going to be awesome to see how this tech can help both office workers and remote works improve their nutrition and performance–at work and at play. 

–  In the United States alone legal Marijuana sales rose to 5.4 BILLION dollars in 2015. That was up  by 17.4% in 2014. With the market this huge, with that much money,  there must be a service that helps to analyze all the “Big Data”, right? That's what New Frontier does! They state that “We provide investors, operators, and policymakers with actionable intelligence as well as targeted consumer behavioral analysis to allow them to grow their investments and make informed decisions”. New Frontier is doing what their company title says and providing premiere data collecting services to this booming industry. 

 – The 2014 & 2015 recipient of the “Best Places to Work” award given by GlassDoor, The Motley Fool is a pillar in the DC community. Started in 1997, The Motley Fool has been dedicated to building the greatest investment community on the planet. They specialize in multimedia financial-services focused on investor advice, stock market news, stock rating services, and much more. Currently headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, The Motley Fool continues to be a role model of how to run and grow a company in the D.C. Metro area.

 – Located in the D.C. suburbs of Fairfax, Virginia, Custom Ink has earned itself a place on the “100 Best Places to Work For” by Fortune Magazine and onto the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies. Custom Ink has been able to become a leader in custom t-shirt printing and has been known for their exceptional customer service. Custom Ink puts the power of design, delivery, and payment into the hands of the customer. If you'd like something personalized for your company, check out Custom Ink!

  –  Founded by Dan Berger in 2011, the cloud-based hospitality software company has over 83,000    unique business leaders and meeting planners that use their specialized collaboration program. Since their inception, Social Tables  has raised $9.6 million in funding and has helped their users plan over 350,000 different events. What makes Social Tables so unique is the mix of their great company culture and their in-depth event management tools like 2D/3D diagramming, BI for hotels, and sales/marketing solutions.

    – Founded in 2013, Aquicore has created a solution for business to save money in places they  commonly forget  to look like utilities!  They work with the commercial real estate industry to provide  full-scale energy analytics that compiles data from utility meters and submeters up to the minute. Their services allow the customer to improve their energy usage, invest in energy efficient features and cut down on costly waste. Aquicore states that on average a building will waste 30% of its energy consumption, and with the help of their services it can be reduced by 10-30%.  To date, Aquicore works with over 500 buildings in North America alone and is constantly growing. Speaking of utilities, check out our library of customizable mobile app templates for the Energy and Utilities Industries!

  – One of the newest start-ups on the scene, Spotluck got started in 2014 by offering users of their  app a fun way to discover and try local restaurants in Bethesda, Maryland. Since then Spotluck has  created similar dining hubs in Washington, D.C(11 neighborhoods), Maryland(8 neighborhoods), and Virginia(5 Neighborhoods). The App involves the user clicking on a digital wheel and spinning it. Based on which restaurant it lands, the user will get a special discount if they go there between a specific time block. What makes Spotluck great for restaurant owners is that it offers a way to target customers during off-peak times and attract new customers who wouldn't normally think about going to their spot. And it is obviously great for the customer because they are able to get a discount of between 10% – 25% by just pushing a button! Be sure to download the app on your IOS or Android device to try Spotluck today!

  – Founded in 2010, Tahzoo was ranked the 85th fastest-growing private company in the U.S. by Inc.  Magazine and SDL awarded them as the “Global Partner of the Year” in both 2014 and 2015. Tahzoo's services of being a Digital Customer Experience Agency include Digital CX Strategy, Digital Business Model Alignment, Change Management Consulting, Performance Metrics & Analytics, and much more. Their services break into 5 tiers including Business Oriented, Customer Centered, Digitally Inspired, Tech-Enabled, and Frictionlessly Delivered. Their portfolio includes major clients including Costco, DirectTv, Blackboard, Nationwide, Verizon, and many more. 

 –  One of the oldest companies on the list is Ellucian, which was founded in 1968. Ellucian supports  over 2,400 institutions in 40 countries in providing student information systems, finance & HR,  recruiting, retention, and analytics, and advancement software solutions. Ellucian specializes in supporting the higher education community with professional services like software implementation, training, education, and management consulting. 

 – Ever wanted to have a dashboard that let you know how current, pending or future legislation may  affect your business? Look no further! Founded in 2013, FiscalNote has taken the power of cutting-edge analytics and applied it to state and federal legislation. For companies or organizations that are impacted my government regulations on both state and federal levels, FiscalNote gives them an upper hand as to what may pass and how it will affect them. Current clients include Aetna, Lyft, Salesforce, Southwest, and Walgreens. With FiscalNote, you can pick the services you need, and even access them from your mobile phone! What to take a look?

  – Founded in 2008, Optoro assists retailers in the processing, disposition, and selling off of their    excess and returned inventory. They help their clients to achieve the highest possible recovery, streamline processes to mitigate costs and waste, and leverage current data for up-to-the-minute optimizations and inventory management. Optoro's three products– Optiturn, Blinq, and BULQ–can help any business uncover hidden revenue. Current investors include Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards, Capitals, and Mystics.

These companies are all great examples of organizations that are creating or leveraging new technologies to change how work is done. 

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