10 Best Small Business Apps for 2020

By Nick Mirisis on January 14, 2020
Tags: Data Collection

Top 10 Best Business Apps to Improve Efficiency in 2020

With 2020 kicked off, it is time to start preparing your small business for the new year. Mobile applications are an effortless way to streamline your company’s processes, helping you save both time and money. Get your small business ready for success in 2020 with these top 10 mobile applications.

Visitor Sign In/Sign Out Sheet

Helpful for small businesses in a wide variety of industries, the Visitor Sign In/Sign Out Sheet mobile application can improve the way you collect customer data and keep records for your small business. By allowing visitors to sign in and out through this mobile application, you remove the need to transcribe visitor information from a paper sheet into your system. This allows you to easily manage the information of multiple visitors at once. Your small business can use this app to keep track of visiting clients, employees, customers, and other visitors to your organization. Digital check-in sheets make the visitor management processes of your small business easier than ever, so you can spend more time on what is important to your company.

Quality Control Inspection Checklist

High quality is frequently the characteristic that helps small businesses stand out from their large competitors. With this Quality Control Inspection Checklist, you can be sure that your small business never misses a beat. Designed to help small businesses conduct in-process inspections of mechanical devices, this mobile quality control inspection checklist can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of industries. When converting to mobile inspections, your small business can take advantage of real-time data entry e.g. by alerting maintenance immediately if an issue is spotted. Once you have completed the inspection, this application converts your mobile document into a PDF, which can be emailed, shared, or stored for easy access down the road. 

Online Inspection Form

Lighting Audit Survey

Are you looking for ways to reduce the utility bill of your small business? The Lighting Audit Survey has a checklist containing both commercial and home lighting inspection data. This is especially helpful for small businesses in the construction industry who want to help their clients save money. However, this app can also be used by a wide range of small businesses that are upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, which can help your company save money on electric bills each month. 

Time and Materials Log – Construction Forms for Contractors

Making your way as a small business contractor is not easy, but with forms like the mobile Time and Materials Log, you can stay ahead of even the largest construction companies. This app helps you manage client information and keep track of the materials used on a job site as well as the time that each project takes to complete. By moving to mobile forms, you can update and keep track of material and labor records real-time, reducing waste and needless data rekeying. 

Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA)

Keep your employees and your company safe with the Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) mobile app. You can ensure that everyone on a job site has read the Orientation and Job Safety Risk procedures and acts in compliance with these protocols. Using the signature feature, you can collect, confirm and save each employee’s agreement for liability documents. This can help you maintain a continuously safe environment for your work-site. 

Field Service Report

Mobile forms and applications are especially helpful for small businesses that require fieldwork. The Field Service Report is a popular example of one such application. With this app, you can access and complete service order forms directly from your mobile device. The Field Service Report also helps you keep dispatchers and technicians on the same page, as the document details can be shared and accessed from a wide range of devices. This application can be completely customized to the needs of your small business. 

Construction Daily Field Report

Another application that can help small businesses in the construction industry is the Construction Daily Field Report. This app allows project engineers and subcontractors to track activities at the job site including work completed, weather issues, incidents, project progress, number of workers at the site, and much more. Customize your Daily Field Report application and the features it contains to meet the evolving needs of your construction small business.

DOT Driver Vehicle Inspections – IndustrySafe

For small businesses that use commercial vehicles, keeping them DOT compliant and safe is paramount to minimizing accidents, injuries and potential liability. The DOT Driver Vehicle Inspections app is designed to do just that. Customize this app to meet a wide variety of internal inspection processes such as trip checks, maintenance issues, and other common vehicle inspections. 

Job Service Ticket

Adaptable across all service industries, the Job Service Ticket mobile app is fully customizable. This form includes key fields such as customer billing data, project cost, company location, and description of job work. Review billing information and sign off on costs remotely using this application. Using your Square-enabled GoCanvas app, you can also accept payments directly within this system. Built to make every small business more efficient and profitable, the Job Service Ticket app is a must-have today. 

Roof Inspection Report

Roofing mobile apps can help the inspection process happen more smoothly for your small business. The Roof Inspection Report mobile app can help you manage the essential data required for roof maintenance, roof replacements, inspections, repairs, and new roofing installations. With all of the information you need to get the job done without the paper lull, this app can help your small business compete with larger roofing companies.

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