Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What Construction Companies Should Know

By: The GoCanvas Team

Any reputable company in the construction industry operates on a safety-first basis at all times. The health and safety of its employees are paramount to the company because the company is well-aware of the fact that the employees are the ones who enable the company to do what it does. They are the backbone that […]

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By: keith bateman October 5, 2017

Keeping Hotel Labor Costs in Check:  How Mobile Inspection Apps Can Help

As labor costs rise, hotels must figure out how to increase staff efficiency, so they can stay profitable and keep guests returning.

By: Jason Good October 4, 2017

Release Notes: iOS 11 and other updates to our mobile app software

This release is all about improving our mobile app software for Android, iOS and our Windows Desktop App. For iOS we are excited to release functionality that leverages Apple's latest operating system. We hope this helps our mobile users have a better and more productive experience when filling out forms with Canvas.

By: keith bateman September 28, 2017

4 Innovative Ways to Better Train and Engage Hospitality Staff

High turnover is a common challenge in the hospitality industry. Here’s how to train and engage new employees, so you can keep guest satisfaction high. 

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How PRG Saves Over $90K & Thousands of Trees Every Year Going Paperless

Pro Recycling Group has been committed to sustainable and reliable recycling services since 1978. As a company, they’ve saved over 14.6 million trees, yet were still using paper forms throughout most of their operations. Learn how PRG made the transition from paper to digital and were able to save over 600 hours in productivity with GoCanvas!

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Hotel vs. Airbnb: How Hotels Can Come Out on Top

In the battle of hotels vs. Airbnb, hotels can gain a competitive advantage by using mobile inspection apps to deliver 3 benefits that rentals often lack. 

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Own or Manage a Hotel or Restaurant? Your Guests Want These 3 Things

There are a million things that can go wrong for a new franchise owner. Get things off on the right foot with these small-business do’s and don’ts.

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Feature Focus: Automate Data Sharing with Auto Upload

Ever wished that submissions you completed offline would automatically be uploaded for you whenever you reconnected back to the internet? Well, your wish has been granted! Learn about the new Auto Upload feature of GoCanvas!

By: keith bateman August 17, 2017

3 Ways GoCanvas Can Increase Data Visibility Across Your Organization

The ability to share your data with the right people and systems is just as important as collecting it. Learn how GoCanvas can give your business the ability to seamlessly connect your data to the programs that you use today.