4 Keys to Keeping Your Team (and Customers) Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is not an easy time to be a business owner. It can be overwhelming to stay focused and organized on what we can and should be doing for ourselves, our team, and our customers. This is a quick look at the big-picture actions you can do to stay proactive and protective while navigating working in the time of Coronavirus.

By Sara Kaplow on April 20, 2020

How Your Business Can Navigate Coronavirus With a Mobile Data Solution [Webinar]

From remote work to new cleaning and safety protocols, the coronavirus is forcing organizations of all shapes and sizes to adapt their business processes. In fact, many businesses are facing a huge amount of uncertainty related to operating their businesses during this crisis. GoCanvas is hosting a webinar on April 4th at 11 a.m. ET […]

By Hayden Clinard on March 27, 2020
CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

The infamous pre-trip inspection is essential to the daily operations of commercial drivers everywhere. Whether you are preparing for the commercial driver’s license test or gearing up for a work trip, this process helps promote safety and success within every commercial driving endeavor you complete.

By Ben on March 13, 2020
Human Resources Apps

How to Make the Most of a Short Month

Amid the short month of February, you might have been forced to work late, crunch your schedule, or fall behind on your usual productivity levels. Even with the extra leap year day, now might be the time to consider new methods of saving company time. Here are five ways you can make the most of a short month with mobile forms. 

By Nick Mirisis on March 12, 2020
Visitor Sign In Sign Out App

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Visitor Sign In/Sign Out App

As a business, keeping track of those who visit your company or event is essential for safe and seamless day-to-day operations. A mobile sign in/sign out app can make this process easy while improving your data collection process. Here is how you can create your own custom sign in/sign out app in just minutes.

By Nick Mirisis on March 11, 2020
HR Apps

7 HR Apps for Increasing Efficiency

Human resources professionals are often in charge of a wide variety of important internal corporate systems. With so many processes to manage, making the most of your HR time and keeping necessary documents organized is essential. Here are eight types of human resources apps that will help you increase efficiency in your HR role or department. 

By Nick Mirisis on February 24, 2020
Mobile Forms to replace paper forms

6 Reasons To Go Paperless and Change to Mobile Forms

Changing your business’s internal processes can seem challenging, which might make you wonder, “Is going paperless worth it?” Here are six insights to help you understand the business benefits of mobile forms and motivate you to take your business paperless. 

By Nick Mirisis on February 14, 2020

3 Ways to Save Time by Eliminating Paperwork in 2020 [Webinar]

  Paperwork can be a huge drag on efficiency and productivity. But it doesn’t have to be. Join us on February 25 at 2 PM ET to learn how to ditch your paperwork, digitize your forms and processes, and more effectively leverage your operational data to grow your business this year.  Don’t miss this great […]

By Hayden Clinard on February 13, 2020

4 Healthcare Apps that Improve Medical Visits

Healthcare Apps to Improve Productivity and Patient Experience Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to improve your patients’ medical visit experience? With the medical field constantly evolving, having the tools you need to succeed is of the highest importance—especially when even the smallest error, miscommunication, or oversight can have a drastic negative […]

By Nick Mirisis on February 3, 2020
Company new year resolutions

Meeting Your Company’s New Year’s Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Business As we move forward in this new year and new decade, businesses are making resolutions for corporate improvement. When planning the future of your business, it helps to both identify the areas of needed change and the tools required to achieve them. Before you forget about your company’s […]

By Nick Mirisis on January 31, 2020