Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What Construction Companies Should Know

By: The GoCanvas Team

Any reputable company in the construction industry operates on a safety-first basis at all times. The health and safety of its employees are paramount to the company because the company is well-aware of the fact that the employees are the ones who enable the company to do what it does. They are the backbone that […]

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By: GoCanvas Team December 3, 2022

Guide to Unlocking Frontline Data to Optimize Business Operations

Many small to medium-sized businesses have faced uncertainty during the pandemic. Nearly every industry struggled to some extent, from supply and labor shortages to low-quality data. However, with the help of in-depth analytics and data collection, SMBs can optimize their frontline operations and navigate through difficult times. The following guide will illustrate the value of […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 2, 2022

GoCanvas and Procore: Make Your Tech Work for you

Joining Forces To Harness the Power of Data Collection GoCanvas and Procore have partnered to enable users to get the most from their solutions. Using a combination of GoCanvas and Procore, construction companies can harness the power of comprehensive data collection to keep the office and jobsite connected, all on one platform.  Streamline Your Digital […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 2, 2022

A Guide to Transforming Fleet Inspections with Digital Solutions

Government-mandated vehicle inspections lack uniformity. The European Union (EU) has standards that apply to all countries, but every country can institute their own. Canadian inspection requirements are determined by province, and the United States has state and federal regulations. How does a fleet manager keep up? Here are a few steps to make the task […]

By: GoCanvas Team December 1, 2022

Improve Your Field Service Workflow in 5 Easy Steps

Field service work can be difficult and time-consuming. But with the right tools and a bit of organization, it doesn’t have to be. Following these tips for integrating mobile applications into your business processes can save time and energy while ensuring that your work is done efficiently and effectively. 5 Steps to Improve Field Service […]

By: GoCanvas Team November 29, 2022

How Mobile Field Service Apps Can Improve Field Service Management

It’s no secret that technology has changed how we live and work, especially in the  field service industry. Field service management has never been easier or more efficient thanks to mobile apps. How Mobile Apps Have Made Field Service Management More Effective Mobile apps have highly impacted the field service industry by making it more […]

By: GoCanvas Team November 28, 2022

Common Workplace Hazards for Field Service Providers and What to Do About Them

Field service providers face a variety of safety hazards while on the job site. Some of these hazards are common to all workplaces, while others are specific to the field service industry. By knowing what these hazards are and how to protect yourself from them, you and your field technicians can stay safe while working. […]

By: GoCanvas Team November 20, 2022

Penn Line Accelerates Turnaround Time by 80% with GoCanvas

Penn Line Service Company Overview Situated in Scottdale, PA, Penn Line Service is a construction services company that has been operating for 80 years. They currently employ over 1,500 employees and generate over $250M annually. Some of Penn Line’s core capabilities include building commercial power and data systems, power line construction, erosion control, and guide […]

By: GoCanvas Team November 19, 2022

How Mobile Field Service Apps Have Changed Field Service Management

Field service management is a critical process for companies that rely on field service technicians to maintain and repair their products. In the past, this process was often handled through paper-based work orders and communication methods that were slow and inefficient. However, with the advent of mobile field service apps, companies are now able to […]