How One Trucking Company Saved over $750,000 by Automating Field Operations

Learn how one trucking company changed the way they manage their safety reporting process and saved over $750K in the process.

Release Notes: Mega-enhancements for the PDF Designer

We recently released a ton of new functionality for our PDF Designer and added features to our App Builder. Both tools allow you to mobilize your business & engage your customers with the PDF. 

Let's see the new stuff…

By Jason Good on August 5, 2016

GoCanvas to Automate How Work Gets Done

GoCanvas 8 introduces cutting-edge mobile experience, platform updates and partnerships to replace outdated workflow that holds back business with high costs and inefficient working practices

By keith bateman on August 2, 2016
woman working on an ipad

Upcoming Overtime Regulations Impact All Businesses: Are You Automated?

New overtime regulations go into effect Dec. 1 for many salaried workers who formerly didn’t have to track hours. Find out how it affects your business. 

By Michael Benedict on August 2, 2016

Release Notes: GoCanvas 8!

Today we have released our brand new mobile app for iOS! Our new version for Android will come later this year. But this release marks culmination of an overhaul of our platform that started last year.  For more details about what GoCanvas 8 truly is, please read the blog written by our CEO, James Quigley.

Now let's go check out the new iOS app! 

By Jason Good on August 2, 2016

Empathy Drives Design

Check out a few notes from our CEO, James Quigley, on why empathy was so important in the design and development of GoCanvas 8. 

By James W Quigley on August 2, 2016

Release Notes: Download dispatches and submissions page updates

There is a lot happening here at GoCanvas with our product transforming rapidly before our eyes. We recently made more changes to the product on the website side that will help you save even more time. Let's get to it…

By Jason Good on July 26, 2016

Top 8 Mobile Forms Every Retailer Should Have

The retail industry is extremely competitive and ever evolving. Corporate owners are constantly looking for ways to streamline their day to day operations and increase visibility into their retail locations' critical data. The issue? Paper is not dynamic or transparent enough to give key insight into operations at a macro or micro level. 

Learn how retailers are making the switch and taking back their time with these 8 mobile forms. 

By keith bateman on July 21, 2016

5 Tips and Tricks When Making the Switch to Mobile Forms

When making the switch from paper to mobile, it is very common to try and copy everything over the same exact way you were doing it before. But that is the first mistake because if your current process was perfect, then you wouldn't be in the process of changing it. Right? Take a look at 5 ways to jumpstart your switch from paper forms to mobile forms!

By keith bateman on July 18, 2016

Three Ways to Use Mobile to Control Retail Shrinkage

Retailers lose billions annually to theft from employees and customers. If you are an independent retail store owner, you need inexpensive ways to engage employees in retail security. 

By Michael Benedict on July 15, 2016