How Llewellyn Smith Made the Switch to GoCanvas & Increased Productivity By 50%

Llewellyn Smith has become one of the leaders in energy compliance-based services. But before they became the leader, they were dealing with truckloads of paperwork that was stalling their growth. Learn how they ditched the paperwork and generated a $139,000 annual ROI with GoCanvas.

By keith bateman on September 7, 2016

Release Notes: Inactive User Report and Improved App Store Search

We did a lot of work in this development cycle to make your lives easier. Now let's see the new stuff! 

If there is anything you think GoCanvas needs, please email

By Jason Good on September 6, 2016

Learn How to Create Custom Dashboards with GoCanvas Business Insights

Looking to do more than just collect data faster? GoCanvas Business Insights gives you the ability to dive deep into your data. This allows for easy integration of your data into custom built charts, graphs, and pivot tables. Learn more about the most common ways companies are learning more from their data with GoCanvas Business Insights!

By keith bateman on August 31, 2016

10 Ways Automating Workflow Will Help Your Business

Digitizing your paper forms will improve accuracy and compliance. But workflow automation can truly transform your company. Our checklist tells you how. 

By Michael Benedict on August 30, 2016
Tags: Productivity

How Orbit Medical Switched to GoCanvas and Saved $250,000 By Going Paperless

Discover how the switch to paperless with GoCanvas saved Orbit Medical $250,000 annually and over 200 hours in productivity.

By keith bateman on August 25, 2016

5 Benefits Your Construction Company Will Realize by Automating Workflow

How can you make your construction company more efficient and profitable? Abandon paper and shift to workflow automation. Here’s how it can help. 

By Michael Benedict on August 23, 2016
Tags: Productivity

4 Ways Mobile is Streamlining Workflow for Field Service Businesses

Efficiency and productivity are big issues for field service businesses. Here are 4 ways digital technical and workflow automation can change your business. 

By Michael Benedict on August 18, 2016
Tags: Productivity

How Digitizing Workflow Can Increase Efficiency by 25%

We are excited about the release of our latest eBook, How Digitizing Workflow Will Transform Your Businessand wanted to share with you how many of our customers today have been successful in doing just that. Read on to learn how to automate your current workflow process and increase workplace efficiency with GoCanvas!

By keith bateman on August 15, 2016

How to Eliminate Process Delays With Workflow Automation

Paperwork can create process logjams and cost your company money. Learn how workflow automation can create process and business efficiency.  

By Michael Benedict on August 11, 2016
Tags: Productivity

Five is a Prime Number

Congrats to our friend, Martin Denny, for being a GoCanvas Content Partner for 5 years! 

By Jason Peck on August 9, 2016