Feature Focus: Create Custom Reports with the PDF Designer

When you go paperless, that doesn't mean that you lose the need for reports. For many businesses, it is still extremely critical that their clients are able to receive a copy of the services that were rendered. With GoCanvas, we have created a tool that allows clients to design their reports to replicate the style and design of their original paper forms! Learn how you can do the same with yours' today. 

By keith bateman on March 6, 2017

Top Customer Questions from February

Canvas' amazing live support team handles hundreds of client requests on a weekly basis. In order to help you navigate around roadblocks on your way to a paperless future, we present to you the answers to the top 5 questions from last month. 

By keith bateman on March 1, 2017

[Webinar] Big Features & Updates You May Have Already Missed in 2017 – Register Now!

Don't miss our first webinar of 2017!  Join our Customer Success team on Tuesday, March 21st as they help you navigate through all the latest features and updates from the past 3 months. Make sure to claim your spot before they're all taken!

By keith bateman on February 28, 2017

How Paper is Costing Your Business Real Money [Infographic]

Every day another company chooses to ditch their paperwork for mobile forms, but many companies still believe going paperless is too expensive. We built this infographic to show you the true cost of using paper forms and why you should consider going mobile to improve your company's bottom line. 

By keith bateman on February 22, 2017

OSHA Requiring Employers to Electronically Submit All Injury Records: 4 Things You Need to Know

OSHA issued a final rule that was enacted on January 1st, 2017 that made it mandatory for employers to electronically report illnesses and injuries for public disclosure as well as retain these records for up to 5 years. Is your company prepared to electronically submit their records? Read more…

By keith bateman on February 21, 2017

3 Reasons Every Inspector Should Be Using Mobile Forms

Inspections are conducted across every industry on the planet. Whether it be for safety or preventative maintenance, collecting the right pieces of data is critical for performing a successful inspection. Learn why more professionals then ever are throwing away their paper based inspections and increasing the quality of their reports by going mobile. 

By keith bateman on February 17, 2017

Why States Need to Improve their Bridge Inspection Processes with Mobile Forms

The American Road and Transportation Builders Association recently declared almost 56,000 bridges in the United States structurally deficient. Here are some reasons why bridge inspections need to be improved with mobile forms. 

By Jason Peck on February 15, 2017

Valentine’s Day at Canvas: 5 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Going Paperless

On this day of love, we found it only suiting to focus on why professionals from many different industries choose to go paperless with GoCanvas. Check out our list of the top 5 reasons why our customers love using GoCanvas to automate their data collection processes.

By keith bateman on February 14, 2017
Office Workflow

Feature Focus: Automate Approval Processes with Workflow

Ever wondered how something as simple as collecting a signature could consume as much time as it does daily in your business? It doesn't have to! Workflow gives companies the ability to quickly transfer data from a technician's device to a supervisor's so that comments and approvals can be done in real-time. Read more…

By keith bateman on February 13, 2017

How Mobile Forms are Becoming a Game Changer in Facilities Maintenance

Facility maintenance managers are the unsung heroes of any organization. From inspecting, managing, and maintaining million dollar facilities, having the ability to view data in real-time is essential. Learn how facility managers are cutting out the paperwork and increasing their productivity with GoCanvas! Read More…

By keith bateman on February 6, 2017