Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What Construction Companies Should Know

By: The GoCanvas Team

Any reputable company in the construction industry operates on a safety-first basis at all times. The health and safety of its employees are paramount to the company because the company is well-aware of the fact that the employees are the ones who enable the company to do what it does. They are the backbone that […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 29, 2021

16 Construction Safety Stats to Know in 2021

Why is construction safety important? The construction industry tops the list when it comes to workplace injuries and fatalities, even with tightened safety regulations over the years. It’s important for companies to prioritize construction safety to minimize these risks and keep employees safe. When employees are safe, it strengthens your company’s reputation, and it leads […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 24, 2021

What are the Main Stages and Processes of Incident Reporting?

Incident reports are effective tools to promote safety in the workplace. You want to do everything in your power to fill out your incident reports as professionally and effectively as possible. We have compiled a thorough list of the main incident reporting stages so you can ensure you’re taking every step to foster a culture […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 22, 2021

Incident Report Examples & Templates

Knowing how to effectively file incident reports is a critical component for companies that want to cultivate their culture of safety at work. Incident reports are designed to document the important details surrounding an accident, incident, or near miss that happens in the workplace.  These reports are incredibly useful for informing companies on the real […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 16, 2021

Form Builders and Templates – What You Need to Know

  Forms can be complex and many times they can be more nuanced than you might expect. But with properly designed layouts, you can improve workflows, facilitate automation, and enable your business to customize and enhance its data collection practices. Continue reading this blog post for: Information about forms A summary of different types of […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 14, 2021

What are Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)?

What is a SDS and what is its purpose? The term SDS refers to a Safety Data Sheet that is used by chemical companies to stay in compliance with the regulations set by OSHA in the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). Companies that manufacture, distribute, or import chemicals are required to provide Safety Data Sheets to […]

By: Hayden Clinard March 10, 2021

Why Go Paperless and the Benefits of Doing So

More and more, businesses are moving from filing cabinets and arcane paper files to going paperless. What are the benefits of going paperless, and what does it mean for an office to become a paperless office? How can businesses become paperless effectively? Ten Benefits to Going Paperless Improvements to Document Management Practices: When someone needs […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 7, 2021

How Timesheet Apps Benefit Your Business

Timesheet apps represent the newest iteration in how businesses and contractors track their time. So what do these apps do? What makes a good timesheet app? How do these work with financial systems? What ways are different industries using these apps? Continue reading this article for answers to these questions and a high-level overview of […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team March 5, 2021

Inspection Checklist Examples & Templates

Inspection checklists are designed to improve the inspection process by providing staff with an easy-to-use template on the best practices to follow for that inspection. You will see that many different industries use inspection checklists when performing their evaluations and assessments required for the job. This blog article covers some of the top use cases […]