Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What Construction Companies Should Know

By: The GoCanvas Team

Any reputable company in the construction industry operates on a safety-first basis at all times. The health and safety of its employees are paramount to the company because the company is well-aware of the fact that the employees are the ones who enable the company to do what it does. They are the backbone that […]

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By: James W Quigley January 22, 2010

Android on the rise! With 21% of Smartphone buyers saying they will purchase one, passing Blackberry

Interest in Android devices has increased and… dramatically.

By: Chris Morrisette January 21, 2010

GoCanvas partners with Aria to build world class Mobile Business Application Capabilities

GoCanvas partners with Aria to build world class Mobile Business Application Capabilities for its clients – powering state of the art Mobile Application Store

By: Chris Morrisette January 20, 2010

Construction Yield – Mobile Devices and Efficiency

So how can you reduce administrative delays and find more efficient work methods? Utilizing the latest technology is one way to make work methods more efficient. Using mobile apps on a smart phone instead of paper creates real-time communication that is structured and efficient.

By: Chris Morrisette January 16, 2010

Bar Coding in a new generation

Like with many things when price and complexity drop – the ability to take advantage of technology in new and interesting ways opens up and so is the case for Bar Code related applications.

By: James W Quigley December 23, 2009

New GoCanvas Release – New Mobility Features & Advanced Data Analysis for Clients

Latest version of GoCanvas dramatically expands feature set – at same time GoCanvas Library hits new milestone.

By: James W Quigley September 3, 2009

GoCanvas Launches Version 1.7 – Extends Mobile Device Support and Solution Capabilities

Latest version of GoCanvas includes mobile application support for Microsoft based Netbooks, Laptops and PC’s, along with advanced features like calculated fields.

By: James W Quigley July 31, 2009

GoCanvas Closes out First Complete Round of Funding

Capital to provide further product development and promotional support of mobile solution to replace paper forms and surveys using Smartphones.

By: James W Quigley July 17, 2009

GoCanvas Launches – Makes it Easy to Put Forms and Surveys on Smartphones

Innovative Web site delivers wireless forms on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Smartphones in 30 minutes or less.