Quality Control vs Quality Assurance: What Construction Companies Should Know

By: The GoCanvas Team

Any reputable company in the construction industry operates on a safety-first basis at all times. The health and safety of its employees are paramount to the company because the company is well-aware of the fact that the employees are the ones who enable the company to do what it does. They are the backbone that […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team November 15, 2021

Best Apps for Painting Contractors

  Contractors are leveraging digital technologies to improve their workflows both in the office and in the field. For painting contractors,  mobile apps and forms can be used to improve how information is collected, shared, and stored. Going digital provides an opportunity for painting contractors to improve the customer experience and streamline their operations. Continue […]

By: The GoCanvas Team November 10, 2021

Home Inspection Checklists – Examples and Templates

  Going Digital With Home Inspection Checklists Inspection companies are moving toward digital apps rather than using traditional paper forms. By going digital, inspections can be completed from a mobile device or tablet, so information is instantly available in a PDF report. For home inspections, going digital allows you to have all of the necessary […]

By: The GoCanvas Team November 5, 2021

What is the best app for construction daily reports?

  Daily reports serve to keep all project stakeholders updated on the progress of construction work. In the digital era, construction sites have embraced more mobile and digital technologies to capture important information from the field. Construction daily report apps are now available for project and site managers to record updates using a mobile device […]

two people working on multiple devices in an office collaborating
By: The GoCanvas Team November 3, 2021

Improving Your Operations with Field Service Management Software

Whether you have two or 200 employees, your business’ success depends on their hard work. Passionate, motivated team players are the difference between surviving and thriving. But in field service, your employees are often far from the office. So how do you know which employees are carrying their weight?  Time cards and field reports can […]

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By: The GoCanvas Team November 2, 2021

Going Digital With Timesheets and Timecards

  Though paper processes are still prevalent in many small businesses, studies show that employees don’t like or trust those paper-based time-tracking systems. In fact, 37 percent of employees are worried that inaccurate record keeping will mean they won’t get their full pay. Inaccurate processes also cost employers time and money — time because dealing […]

two construction workers looking at ipad device on job site
By: The GoCanvas Team November 1, 2021

Top 4 Workplace Safety Apps

There are many great reasons to invest in workplace safety apps. Digital technology for safety can help modernize your operations and provide greater insight into safety issues and patterns.  A digital workplace safety management program will lead to better overall outcomes for your business. Apps help to keep workers safe and productive, ultimately lowering risk […]

Safety employee looking at digital safety form on tablet.
By: The GoCanvas Team October 30, 2021

How Safety Meeting Apps Can Help Lower Costs

Digital apps for construction safety can help your employees access toolbox talks on their mobile devices and tablets. Many companies have found that regular toolbox talks can help to decrease the number of accidents on site, when employees are more informed about potential safety risks. Investing in apps for construction safety is good for your […]

team working on a laptop and mobile device
By: The GoCanvas Team October 17, 2021

Timesheet Forms: Why Going Digital is Better than Paper

Timesheet forms are commonly built out using simple tools like Microsoft Word or PDF files that are printed out on paper for employees to record their hours worked. While this may seem like a simple solution for timekeeping, there are several key drawbacks that make paper timesheet forms less desirable for business operations. Continue reading […]