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Transform 2017:  Don’t Miss Out on the 1st Ever Canvas User Conference

Join us on October 5th in Reston, Virginia for an amazing day filled with tech and conversation. Also, anyone in attendance will be entered for the chance to win the brand new Apple iPhone X. Register now! 

By Keith Bateman on September 13, 2017

Feature Focus: Automate Data Sharing with Auto Upload

Ever wished that submissions you completed offline would automatically be uploaded for you whenever you reconnected back to the internet? Well, your wish has been granted! Learn about the new Auto Upload feature of Canvas!

By Keith Bateman on September 1, 2017

3 Ways Canvas Can Increase Data Visibility Across Your Organization

The ability to share your data with the right people and systems is just as important as collecting it. Learn how Canvas can give your business the ability to seamlessly connect your data to the programs that you use today.  

By Keith Bateman on August 17, 2017

Convert More Than Just Your Forms: Workflow from Canvas

Canvas is more than mobile forms, it's process automation. Canvas Workflow gives companies the ability to turn ordinary data collection processes into structured, efficiency driven procedures that take less time and resources. Learn how Canvas Workflow can impact your business today!

By Keith Bateman on August 15, 2017

Reduce Data Entry & Billing Errors with Automated Calculations from Canvas

The ability to convert your paper forms to mobile versions is just the beginning. Building mobile forms with dynamic Calculation fields will enable your field staff to spend last time manually tabulating numbers and allow them to spend more time on the work that actually matters. Learn how easy it is to get started!

By Keith Bateman on August 10, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Create & Deploy Mobile Toolbox Talks

Daily safety meetings are essential for keeping laborers safe in high-risk industries like construction. Mobile Toolbox Talks are a critical way for managers and site supervisors to supplement their normal OSHA-based safety training programs. Learn how your fields crews can benefit from deploying and using mobile Toolbox Talks on your project sites today!

By Keith Bateman on August 4, 2017

3 Mobile Features that Every Field Service Company Needs to Succeed

The Field Service industry is one that is filled with competition and is constantly changing due to the advances in technology. Thanks to platforms like Canvas, it's becoming easier and cheaper for companies to increase their efficiency in just a few simple steps. Learn what features can give your company an advantage without breaking the bank!

By Keith Bateman on July 24, 2017

5 Mobile Forms to Upgrade Your Construction Safety Program [Infographic]

Preventing accidents, especially in the Construction industry, is a job that can only be accomplished when a company creates and deploys a proper safety plan. With one in ten workers being injured on the job every year, it's important for companies of any size to make safety a top priority on every job site. Read how you can quickly begin increasing your safety standards on job sites with a few simple steps.

By Keith Bateman on July 21, 2017

Feature Focus: Capture and Verify Employee Locations with GPS Stamps

One of the greatest benefits of using mobile technology is that it gives us the ability to easily collect, share and learn from our data in real-time. In addition to that, we can now easily verify the locations of where data is being captured without the need of expensive pieces of hardware. Learn how Canvas can increase your business' data accuracy with GPS stamping. 

By Keith Bateman on July 19, 2017

3 Ways to Automate Data Approvals & Increase Accountability with Workflow

Do you find it hard to ensure that data is getting from Point A to Point B? What if it has to get to Point Z? We find that paperwork not only makes the process of tracking data less efficient, it also costs you thousands of dollars each and every year. Learn how implementing custom data workflows with Canvas can change the way your business operates forever. 

By Keith Bateman on July 6, 2017