The History of the Paperless Office

Creating paperless offices is a popular idea in business today. But how old is this idea? Read on to find out. 

By katie simpson on May 23, 2014

What Are Businesses Using Mobile Apps For? Infographic + Survey Results

Interested in how other businesses are using mobile apps? Not interested in just reading a ton of text? We've got you covered with this infographic. 

By Jason Peck on May 8, 2014

The Selling Points of GoCanvas: What Makes Us Your Perfect Paperless Alternative

Every day as I am sitting behind my desk valiantly creating apps and occupying the GoCanvas phone lines here in Virginia, I always find myself approached with the same question.

“Why Should I use GoCanvas with my company?” 

By keith bateman on April 29, 2014

Why the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Great Phone for Business

After all the hubbub, it seems the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not a radical change from the recent S4 that some hoped for. Still the S5 has a few important differences. Read on to see how these could benefit your business. 

By katie simpson on February 28, 2014

The Surprising Cost of Paper—Infographic

What’s the cost of paper to the environment and your office? Read on to find out!

By Lynn Nguyen on February 25, 2014

Paperless Office Tips: 26 Resources to Help You Achieve A Paperless Office

All over the world, many businesses are realizing that using paper for data collection and other business uses is inefficient and expensive. These businesses are transforming their office environment from being heavily reliant on paper to becoming paperless offices. Read on for some great tips and resources to help you understand the whys and hows of taking your office paperless. 

By Jason Peck on February 4, 2014

Quit Burning Money: Construction Companies Continue to Lose Money on Data Collection

You want to cut costs in your construction business. Sure, there are a few culprits that come up: you find sources for cheaper materials or incentivize faster, more efficient work. Yet, one hidden cost still remains and could be costing your company tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Read on to find out how you could save! 

By Jason Ganz on January 4, 2014

Top Mobile Business Trends for 2014

Mobile technology has gone through three distinct periods-during which a single cost element has been the largest part of the price that enterprises pay for in mobile. For many years, the primary way businesses used mobile devices was voice communication. In the next wave, email & electronic messaging led. Executives found a significant business advantage in being able to be in touch when they were out of the office. As smartphones become the standard for businesses, data has increasingly become the primary cost driver. Read on to see what is coming in 2014.

By Jason Ganz on December 18, 2013

INFOGRAPHIC: Why Organizations Should Go Paperless

You've heard about organizations that are going paperless but do you understand why they're doing it? Here's a short infographic we put together about why organizations should go paperless. We hope it convinces you to escape the paper chase and utilize mobile apps to take your data collection to the next level. 

By Jason Peck on September 21, 2013

GoCanvas Launches Personal Cloud Service for Consumers and Businesses to Access Their Data History

MyCanvas enables service providers to send real-time digital copy of invoices and other data captured to an individual’s MyCanvas Cloud.