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man on construction site looking at digital tablet device
By: The GoCanvas Team September 16, 2021

5 Best Construction Inspection Templates

Many jobs in construction require daily, weekly, and monthly inspections for safety compliance and project management tasks. This article covers some of the most common construction inspection types and templates that can be used to simplify the process.   Why use a construction inspection template? Inspection templates are helpful to use so that you don’t […]

engineer on construction site using tablet for mobile apps
By: The GoCanvas Team September 10, 2021

10 Construction Safety Topics to Cover [+ Examples]

  Keeping construction workers safe is a top priority for managers and business owners. This guide covers some of the most common safety meeting topics to cover and provides links to examples to get you started. What are some good safety topics? While there are many safety topics you can cover, the best topics are […]

construction man holding tablet performing home inspection
By: The GoCanvas Team August 15, 2021

How Inspection Software Saves Your Business Time and Money

    Looking to implement inspection software to increase your workforce productivity? There’s never been a better time to embrace technology for the construction job site and office. As we have seen to date in 2021, there is no shortage of obstacles and challenges facing construction firms. Some of the top challenges include: Labor. 81% […]

contractor using app on smart phone
By: The GoCanvas Team July 30, 2021

How Apps for Contractors Strengthen the Customer Experience

  The construction industry and contractors benefit when they deliver excellent customer service and make it easy for customers to do business. That’s why more companies are investing in technology, relying on mobile apps that can streamline customer interactions and improve productivity for workers. Research from Gartner explains that “customer loyalty depends on how easy […]

two workers using tablet to conduct construction inspections
By: The GoCanvas Team July 29, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Inspections

When you’re in the process of building a commercial property or a home, you’ll discover that it’s a requisite to conduct regular construction inspections to ascertain that the construction process meets all the quality and safety procedures and standards. However straightforward it may sound, this process can be tasking, given the multiple tasks involved in […]

Man and woman on construction site
By: The GoCanvas Team July 27, 2021

3 Key Integrations for Construction Time Card Apps

  Time cards are widely used in the construction industry to keep an accurate record of hours worked, for project management and payroll purposes.  The basic function of a time card is to collect employee data. While many businesses have traditionally relied on paper forms or spreadsheets as a way to track hours worked, more […]

building construction job site with worker on tablet
By: The GoCanvas Team June 30, 2021

5 Free Templates for Builder Checklists

  What is a construction checklist? A construction checklist is a simple project management tool used to help contractors keep track of a list of items that need to be completed or inspected as part of a job or work order. Building construction includes many different types of jobs to be completed throughout the project […]

worker taking photo on job site of incident using tablet
By: Justin Higgins June 28, 2021

Accident Report Forms for Construction Incidents

When an incident occurs on a job site, it is important that documentation is collected promptly and accurately. These steps ensure that a proper investigation can occur and future incidents can be avoided. Learn how GoCanvas can help increase the speed and quality of your site safety reporting in a few easy steps. 

By: The GoCanvas Team June 25, 2021

Free Construction Work Order Templates

  What is a work order in construction? A construction work order is a document that details the exact work to be performed on a project. Typically the work order will have a description of the work and line items for time and material costs to perform the job or service. The purpose of the […]

Man holding tablet on construction site
By: The GoCanvas Team June 23, 2021

A Complete Guide to Construction Daily Reports [+Templates]

  What’s a construction daily report?  A construction daily report or daily log is a document that includes all of the details and events of a single day working on a construction project. Site managers or contractors fill out and file these reports to keep an up-to-date record of the relevant project information. The reports […]

contractors on job site with tablet
By: The GoCanvas Team June 15, 2021

9 Examples of Construction Forms for Contractors [+ Templates]

The construction industry uses forms to collect and share information at every stage of a project. Traditionally on paper, these forms are now being converted into digital forms that enable workers to share information via mobile devices and tablets on the job. There are many benefits of moving to a digital form rather than paper: […]

builder contractor at jobsite on tablet
By: The GoCanvas Team June 13, 2021

Free Material Schedule Template for Construction

  What is a material schedule in construction? The material schedule in construction is a document that lists all of the building materials that are required to complete the project. Material schedules are often organized based on the category for the building, with different schedules for each component. The material schedule often will include additional […]

shaking hands after signing construction contract
By: The GoCanvas Team June 10, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Construction Contracts [Examples + Templates]

No contractor and no client should begin a substantial construction project without a contract. What does “substantial” mean, here?  First, that the complexity and duration of the project leave room for disagreements about the scope of the work. Second, that the amount of money involved for both the contractor and the client warrant legal protection. […]

man performing electrical inspection using checklist
By: The GoCanvas Team June 5, 2021

Simple Guide to Electrical Inspection Checklists

A checklist is essential for keeping everything organized. It’s a useful tool for task management, project management, and workflow optimization. Investing in checklist apps can be a game-changer for enhancing your productivity. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can today leverage mobile devices (Apple/iOS or Android devices) with customizable checklists for specific purposes, such as […]

man using tablet on construction site for safety
By: The GoCanvas Team May 23, 2021

3 Reasons to Invest in Safety Apps for Construction

  Safety programs managed on paper are difficult to track. That’s why construction companies are going digital with their safety programs to gain more visibility into safety and track compliance. With digital training or toolbox talks, employees have an easier time accessing the information through mobile devices. A digital record is created for documentation purposes […]

inspector examining wall as part of building inspections
By: The GoCanvas Team May 21, 2021

What to Know About Building Inspections

  Inspecting buildings is not an easy task, as you already know as a contractor or manager of a construction company. Perhaps you’re facing one of your first building inspections, though, and need more information about how they work. Keep reading to learn about what happens during a building inspection. You’ll learn about the inspection […]

Man and woman working on tablet on construction site for estimates
By: The GoCanvas Team May 19, 2021

Free Construction Estimate Templates and Examples

  Construction estimate templates are used as a way to approximate the cost of a project. Estimate templates are used in different ways and what’s included in the estimate will depend on the type of project. For example, general contractors and subcontractors have specific estimate templates they use for residential or commercial projects and construction […]

roofing contractor on ipad
By: The GoCanvas Team May 16, 2021

Free Template for Roofing Certificate of Completion

  What is a contractor certificate of completion? A certificate of completion is used in roof installations once a job has been completed. The certificate is an agreement between the contractor and the client that the work has been successfully completed. It creates a record that the client is completely satisfied with the roofing work […]

construction worker filling out near miss reports on phone
By: The GoCanvas Team May 15, 2021

What Is Near Miss Reporting?

It’s impossible to stress how important workplace safety is for a successful business. Proper safety protocols and procedures not only protect your valuable team and assets but prevent costly disruptions to efficiency and production. Even the safest workplaces have incidents and accidents, though. Routine reporting of any accidents to analyze risk and safety procedures is […]

man working on construction work order on tablet at construction site
By: The GoCanvas Team May 9, 2021

Free Construction Change Order Forms and Templates

  What is a change order form? Change order forms are used in the construction industry when changes to the contract are required. Change orders happen when a client or contractor decides that changes are needed to the initial agreement. This could be to add time and material costs or other similar changes to the […]