The GoCanvas Blog: Case Studies

Fulmax Ditches Paper Pest for GoCanvas

Learn about how Fulmax, a pest control company that performs over 600 services a month, was able to increase productivity with a GoCanvas.

Paperless Business Case Study: Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa Saves Hundreds of Hours with GoCanvas

Read about how a premium pool service and repair company utilized GoCanvas and saved hundreds of hours.

How DC Central Kitchen Saved Time and Improved their Grant Reporting

Discover how DC Central Kitchen, a major non-profit in the DC area, saved time and improved their Grant Reporting through GoCanvas.

Demmer Says Goodbye to Paper and Saves $1 Million Annually with GoCanvas

Read about how Demmer said goodbye to paper and ended up saving $1 Million annually with GoCanvas.

The Austin Company Streamlines Inspections and Saves $250K Annually with GoCanvas

Learn how the Austin Company was able to reduced their inspections from 2 hours to 15 minutes with GoCanvas. This increase in productivity led to a savings of over $250,000 annually.

How the Full Service Food Service Company, HAFSCO, Saves $10,000+ a Year with GoCanvas

Learn how HASCO, a full service food company, was able to save $10,000 a year by leveraging GoCanvas.