The GoCanvas Blog: Case Studies

How The Co-operative Group Saves $265,000 per Month with Paperless Retail Audits

Learn how the Co-operative Group saves $265,000 per month with paperless retail audits.

Universal Waste Management Saves Nearly $20,000

A shorter billing cycle, and $20,000 saved a year? Learn how UWM did it.

Cascade Integration Grows by Going Paperless

See how going mobile with GoCanvas gave Cascade Integration the ability capture data easier than before.

How One Oil and Gas Company Streamlined Communications and Saved 200 Hours

Learn about how one oil and gas company streamlined communications with GoCanvas and saved 200 hours a year.

How a Texas Moving Company Saves $583K Annually with Mobile Forms

Read about how a Texas moving company saves $583K annually with GoCanvas by going digital with their bill of lading and damage reports.

How One Family Construction Company Saves 400 Hours a Year By Going Paperless

Learn how one family construction company saves 400 hours a year by going paperless with their time cards, equipment inspections, and work orders.

Here is a Method Helping One Fire Department Save Hundreds of Hours

How Pikesville Volunteer Fire Company (PVFC) took their equipment repair time from weeks to days, while also improving inspection accuracy with GoCanvas.

The Easy Fix Saving WEINIG Australia Time And Improving Customer Service

Learn how WEINIG Australia expedited their invoicing and sales cycle with the GoCanvas platform. 

How ACE Electrical and Communication Saved $68,000 In One Year

Discover how ACE Electrical and Communication saved $68,000 In one year, while also collecting more accurate and comprehensive information with GoCanvas.

Grower Direct Farms Saves $600 a Month by Going Mobile

Read about how Grower Direct Farms is able to $600 a month from taking their processes mobile.

Paperless Case Study: Sabi Sand Fights Rhino Poaching With GoCanvas

Discover how Sabi Sand Game Reserve uses GoCanvas to track poaching in real time, expand the information collected for stronger prosecution of poachers, and improved monitoring of animal health.

The Easy, Reliable Field Service Tool Saving Time for One New England Construction Equipment Dealer

Learn about how GoCanvas became the easy, reliable field service tool for saving time for one New England construction equipment dealer.

Fulmax Ditches Paper Pest for GoCanvas

Learn about how Fulmax, a pest control company that performs over 600 services a month, was able to increase productivity with a GoCanvas.

Paperless Business Case Study: Sonoma Valley Pool and Spa Saves Hundreds of Hours with GoCanvas

Read about how a premium pool service and repair company utilized GoCanvas and saved hundreds of hours.

How DC Central Kitchen Saved Time and Improved their Grant Reporting

Discover how DC Central Kitchen, a major non-profit in the DC area, saved time and improved their Grant Reporting through GoCanvas.

Demmer Says Goodbye to Paper and Saves $1 Million Annually with GoCanvas

Read about how Demmer said goodbye to paper and ended up saving $1 Million annually with GoCanvas.

The Austin Company Streamlines Inspections and Saves $250K Annually with GoCanvas

Learn how the Austin Company was able to reduced their inspections from 2 hours to 15 minutes with GoCanvas. This increase in productivity led to a savings of over $250,000 annually.

How the Full Service Food Service Company, HAFSCO, Saves $10,000+ a Year with GoCanvas

Learn how HASCO, a full service food company, was able to save $10,000 a year by leveraging GoCanvas.

Recreational Facilities Can Find Protection In Minutes With GoCanvas Mobile App Waivers

It seems like everything requires a waiver these days.  In a New York Times article a few years ago titled “Trying a New Sport? Sign Waivers Mobile Apps with Canvasa Waiver, Then Hope for the Best,” Ellen Rosen wrote “Waivers of varying form and complexity are popping up everywhere.”  Even Yoga instructors need them… For those in the Recreational industry, having waivers and releases handy and easy to complete has never been more critical.  Learn more about turning any Smartphone or Tablet into a real time waiver machine.