Release Notes: GoCanvas 8!

Today we have released our brand new mobile app for iOS! Our new version for Android will come later this year. But this release marks culmination of an overhaul of our platform that started last year.  For more details about what GoCanvas 8 truly is, please read the blog written by our CEO, James Quigley.

Now let's go check out the new iOS app! 

By Jason Good on August 2, 2016

Release Notes: Download dispatches and submissions page updates

There is a lot happening here at GoCanvas with our product transforming rapidly before our eyes. We recently made more changes to the product on the website side that will help you save even more time. Let's get to it…

By Jason Good on July 26, 2016

Release Notes: Email & re-email submissions and other new tools to drive efficiency

Here we are again as our journey to make the lives of our customers better and better continues!  We have added a number of enhancements this time around that we hope will streamline processes a bit more and save even more valuable time that can be spent elsewhere within your business.

Release Notes: Folders and Integration

We are so, so excited to announce these new features. And we are even more excited about the upcoming release of our brand new App Builder. This year the GoCanvas product will be getting a full makeover so hang on tight! But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

This past weekend we released Folder Functionality and our integration with Our amazing subscribers have long requested Folders. And can take your automation to whole new levels. Let's dig in…

Release Notes: Department Functionality

Right at the end of 2015 our development team wrapped up work on a huge enhancement to our platform.  Companies that use GoCanvas tend to find more and more uses for it.  That means more GoCanvas Apps in use and more employees set up to fill them out on their mobile devices.  Canvas was getting a bit hard to manage for folks and they asked for help.  Help has arrived!

By Jason Good on January 22, 2016

Release Notes: Web Link to PDFs, Hyperlinked Images, Currency Style and more!

As we get closer to our biggest release ever, we have some exciting new additions to the GoCanvas product that we are always thrilled to bring you.  We love feedback so please post any and all feedback at the bottom of this blog entry.

By Jason Good on January 12, 2016

Release Notes: Submission Numbering in PDF Designer

We have added the Submission Numbering feature to the GoCanvas PDF Designer!  

By Jason Good on November 25, 2015

Release Notes: GoCanvas Application Store Makeover, PDF Preview on Mobile, and More!

This time around the biggest change we have made is a re-design of the App Pages inside our Application Store.  These are the pages that highlight all of the details around each individual GoCanvas App.  Our hope is to make these pages more useful for subscribers and non-subscribers that are looking for the right template when looking to mobilize another form and process at their organization.

By Jason Good on November 14, 2015

PDF Designer Release Notes: Add a Section & Add a Page Break

We are happy to push out two new pieces of functionality for our recently-released PDF Designer tool.  This tool will continue to get updates just like the rest of GoCanvas to meet the needs of our wonderful subscribers.  

By Jason Good on October 19, 2015

Release Notes: Navigation Bar & Submission Emails

GoCanvas pushed out another release over the weekend.  I wouldn't describe it as the most exciting release by itself from a subscriber standpoint, but our development team accomplished a lot of great things.  There are two changes that are really visible to our subscribers.  But much of the work done this time around are for things you'll see down the road as we continue to build out features to be release later this year and into early 2016.

By Jason Good on October 12, 2015