Release Notes: Dispatch Calendar, Reference Data in Builder, Landscape View and More!

There are releases from GoCanvas and there are RELEASES from GoCanvas!  This is a RELEASE!  I am very biased, but this is one of our most exciting releases yet.  Feedback from our amazing customers has led us to this moment, so let's get to it. Read on!

By Jason Good on March 19, 2017

Release Notes: New Help Center and Billing Email

We have released a couple of new features for our amazing customers! With this particular release we built ourselves some internal tools to help us serve customers better and we continue to work on some bigger features that are coming really soon.  Let's dig into this release...

By Jason Good on January 23, 2017

Release Notes: New Functionality for the App Builder & PDF Designer

I'm not even sure where to start with this release! There are a lot of new things along with some enhancements to the user interface in our App Builder and PDF Designer in the spirit of making them easier to use. A number of these changes were done to make the controls inside the App Builder identical to the controls inside the PDF Designer so there is familiarity between the two tools. Let's get this party started...

By Jason Good on January 7, 2017

Release Notes: Introducing our NEW Android App

We are pleased to announce that we have released our new Android app to Google Play today! This is the second phase of overhauling our mobile experience that began with the release of our new iOS app at the end of 2016. The final phase will be the release of our brand new desktop client for Windows computers that will come in Q2. What can our Android users expect with this new release?  Read on...

By Jason Good on January 5, 2017

Release Notes: Dispatch enhancements and metadata

For all of our customers using Dispatch, this release is for you! We now allow you to dispatch data on loop (list) screens via the Dispatch Manager. We also enhanced our integration by giving you the ability to push metadata across from GoCanvas into Box with each submission. 

Read all about it...

By Jason Good on December 6, 2016

Release Notes: App templates, PDF preview, Zapier and API Updates

We recently pushed out several product updates. Our Dev Team works hard to create new features, and we are always excited to bring them to you & hope they make your life easier! Let's dig in!

By Jason Good on October 14, 2016

Release Notes: Inactive User Report and Improved App Store Search

We did a lot of work in this development cycle to make your lives easier. Now let's see the new stuff! 

If there is anything you think GoCanvas needs, please email

By Jason Good on September 6, 2016

Release Notes: Mega-enhancements for the PDF Designer

We recently released a ton of new functionality for our PDF Designer and added features to our App Builder. Both tools allow you to mobilize your business & engage your customers with the PDF. 

Let's see the new stuff...

By Jason Good on August 5, 2016

Release Notes: GoCanvas 8!

Today we have released our brand new mobile app for iOS! Our new version for Android will come later this year. But this release marks culmination of an overhaul of our platform that started last year.  For more details about what GoCanvas 8 truly is, please read the blog written by our CEO, James Quigley.

Now let's go check out the new iOS app! 

By Jason Good on August 2, 2016

Release Notes: Download dispatches and submissions page updates

There is a lot happening here at GoCanvas with our product transforming rapidly before our eyes. We recently made more changes to the product on the website side that will help you save even more time. Let's get to it...

By Jason Good on July 26, 2016

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