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Canvas Growth. Your Opportunity.

In selecting its go-to-market partners, Canvas is picky; downright persnickety. As the demand for its platform continues to escalate, Canvas continues to narrow its focus, recruiting only those partners with a proven record delivering industry-specific solutions to their business customers. Learn more about our program and how it can benefit both you and your clients!

By Keith Bateman on May 19, 2017

How the Mining Industry is Using Mobile Technology

How the mining industry is using mobile and technology for safety, compliance, and profitability. New infographic.   

By Michael Benedict on August 6, 2015

Kitchen Brains Partners with Canvas to Revolutionize Data Collection in Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen Brains saw an opportunity to mobilize one of the most basic, but critical, tests done throughout the day in a kitchen – taking the temperature of cooked food and recording it on piece of paper. The drawback? Paper does not provide feedback if the food is under or overcooked. 

By Michael Benedict on March 5, 2015

Join Us for On the Air with CDW

Join us and mobility experts from CDW and WillowTree for a live chat and panel about best practices around mobile app development. 

By Jason Peck on September 8, 2014

Mobile Solutions for the Supply Chain Management Industry: Strategico Partners with Canvas

Learn how supply chain optimization is going to the next level.

By Michael Benedict on July 21, 2014

Boost Your Productivity: Integration With Canvas

Learn how integration with Canvas can help you save even more! 

By Guest Blogger on July 2, 2014

Canvas Launches Partnership with Enterprise Management, LLC

Enterprise Management works in a fascinating field. The Colorado-based consultancy utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help utility companies (and others) obtain a unique view of their infrastructure. See how they are utilizing Canvas for their work!

By Michael Benedict on February 21, 2014

5 Reasons Why I Use Canvas Mobile Apps in my Safety Business.

When I started in safety, paper and pen was the only way to do it. We’d then have to regurgitate all the data into something others could understand and act upon. As you can guess: it was very, very time consuming. I would spend almost twice as much time creating the reports as I did conducting the inspection

Read on to see why Mark made the switch

By Guest Blogger on December 11, 2013

Canvas and Purple Patch: Partnering in the Philippines

Our final stop on our Asia-Pacific tour is the Philippines. We’re not the only ones who think Canvas is a great option for businesses in the Philippines: Our partner based in Manila, Purple Patch, does too! I had a chance to talk today with Karthik, their CEO, over the phone.

By Katie Simpson on October 9, 2013

Business Form Template Launches Application Store on!

Kevin Savetz is a prolific entrepreneur. His company, Savetz Publishing, has over 100 websites and is constantly launching new ones. He’s also the author of Terrible Nerd, an autobiography that illustrates his life as a tech journalist-turned-Web publisher, as well as his personal computing, gaming, and online adventures as a child in the 1980s.  It also follows his time as an Internet pioneer in the early ’90s and into his present-day Web success. One of Kevin’s websites,, has hundreds of form templates. Ever the entrepreneur, Kevin saw an opportunity to offer his huge library of forms as mobile apps, and partnered with Canvas to launch the Business Form Template Application Store!

By Michael Benedict on August 2, 2013