Movie Mondays: Mobile Apps, Jedis for Business

Star Wars captured the world’s imagination, and continues to today.  Mobile apps may not be have light sabers, but when used wisely, they harness more force than ever before. Read on to find our mobile app lessons from Star Wars! 

By katie simpson on January 13, 2014

Paper PI: Recon at Dawn

6:06 AM

 Fred’s Plumbing, Anytown, USA

Hot lead came across my desk last night. Seems there’s a new threat in town. Businesses are using it to replace us paper forms. They’re calling it “Canvas”. If you’re looking to replace my kind, then you’d better expect a fight from me.

By Brent Nieder on January 12, 2014

4 Reasons to Use the GoCanvas API

Mobile apps make data collection easier. Fill out your paperless forms and they go straight to the cloud. It can save you time and money (and a lot of headaches).

But did you know that GoCanvas provides more than just easy data collection? We also provide API webservices. These services make integrating and using your data even easier. Read on to see why integrating will help your business go even further. 

By Joe Baldwin on January 10, 2014

Three Things Your Competition Knows About Electronic Forms

 Chances are, some of your competitors use electronic forms, or are making the transition. Here are three things they’re learning or know about going mobile:

By katie simpson on January 10, 2014

How Enterprises Save Money with Business Apps for iPad

iPads, does your business really need them? iPads can keep an increasingly mobile workforce easily connected, without lugging around heavy laptops. But, is it worth the investment? Mobile apps for iPads can make your company more efficient, and strengthen your lines of communication. Read on to see how. 

By melanie masanque on January 9, 2014

Choose the Best Mobile App for Your Construction Business

You’re in the construction business and want to know how mobile apps can improve your business. But, where do you start? The mobile app market can be a daunting place. There are thousands of options out there to choose from, offering all kinds of services. 

Read on to see tips on how to find the right mobile app solution for your business.

By matthew bubna-litic on January 8, 2014

Stuck at Home? 4 Tips and Tricks to Get Work Done

If you’re anywhere between Baton Rouge and Boston, you may have decided to stay home and skip the commute (with polar vortex wind chills, I would too). Yet, after the holidays, can you afford to take more time off? Maybe you have to stay at home with the kids. Perhaps you can’t get into the office, but you can still get work done. Read on to see our tips and tricks.

By katie simpson on January 7, 2014

Movie Monday: Lessons from The Heat to Improve Your Data Collection

We’re starting a new series: Movie Mondays. We’ll be bringing you interesting insights from movies we love, both current and classics. I finally saw The Heat over the winter holidays, and knew it had some great insights.  

Read on to see what I found. 

By katie simpson on January 6, 2014

Quit Burning Money: Construction Companies Continue to Lose Money on Data Collection

You want to cut costs in your construction business. Sure, there are a few culprits that come up: you find sources for cheaper materials or incentivize faster, more efficient work. Yet, one hidden cost still remains and could be costing your company tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Read on to find out how you could save! 

By Jason Ganz on January 4, 2014

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Checklist App

Many newcomers to GoCanvas think that mobile forms are the way of the future.

I have some bad news for you: They’re not the way of the future. They’re the way of the present.

Read on to find out why! 

By kalliopi vlastos on January 3, 2014