The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: scott shea September 18, 2012

Acme Steel Buildings Implements GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPhones

Acme Steel Buildings is a small business located in Louisiana.  They specialize in commercial and industrial pre-engineered metal buildings.  Over the past year or so, the company has made a concerted effort to eliminate wasteful and inefficient paper from their business.  After cleaning out paper in some other areas, Acme was looking for a solution to give to their workers on various job sites.  They found GoCanvas to be a perfect fit for their needs.

By: kalliopi vlastos September 12, 2012

Luxury Treatment Center Quits Paper Cold Turkey with Help of GoCanvas Apps on iPads

A luxury rehabilitation facility situated in a private, tranquil setting just outside of Annapolis, MD has wheened itself off of paper with our simple three step program: 1. Get an app, 2. Download GoCanvas to your device, 3. Collect and submit your data! Thanks to GoCanvas Mobile Apps, people visiting the center now fill out and sign the Visitors Agreement on and iPad instead of wasteful paper.

By: scott shea September 11, 2012

Construction Loan Inspection Wins Business with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

Sonny Seneker was simply looking for an app to help his Church track donations.  He had no idea this search would help change how he does business.  Sonny was looking for a simple fill in the blank app.  After doing a basic search, he came across GoCanvas.  He thought the simplicity GoCanvas offered would work well for what his church needed.  The church ending up not using the app, but after spending some time with GoCanvas and the app builder, he realized the powerful potential the service offered.  So he decided to take the idea to his private business.

By: Jason Good September 10, 2012

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc Paves the Way to a Paperless Future Using GoCanvas Apps on Android

Chamberlain Contractors, Inc, started their business in 1976 with two employees, a pick-up truck, and a striping machine.  Today they are a leading parking lot maintenance contractor in the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area with over 75 trained professionals on staff and over 150 pieces of specialized equipment.  They have not survived for over 36 years by sitting on their hands and doing things the way they have always been done.  So they decided to take advantage of the latest mobile technology by customizing their own daily report App with GoCanvas for their foremen to use on Android tablets by Motorola. 

By: andy adams September 6, 2012

Subsoil Septic Services Flushes Paper, Implements GoCanvas on iPad/iPhone

SubSoil Septic Services Inc, a company based out of Calgary, Alberta, has started using GoCanvas on iOS to collect data crucial for day to day operations.

By: kalliopi vlastos September 5, 2012

May Food Service Equips Technicians with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Android Galaxy Tabs

May Food Service, a Rhode Island based wholesale restaurant equipment provider and servicer has adopted some new equipment of its own – Samsung Galaxy Tabs powered with GoCanvas Mobile App for dispatching and completing work orders.

handyman tools including hammer and measuring tape
By: Jason Good August 31, 2012

Quality Apps and Safety Inspection Apps Utilized by Building Maintenance and Management Company

Large hospitals and military facilities require a lot of care and upkeep.  Hospitals are busy saving lives and military installations are too busy protecting nations to worry about maintaing their facilities.  A recent GoCanvas customer provides full service building management, maintenance, and real estate services to government and commercial entities.  They have replaced their paper inspection and quality reports with customized GoCanvas Apps for their Android phones.  This allows them to complete their reports and transmit them to their stakeholders instantly while including photographs and signatures.  Read more…

By: scott shea August 29, 2012

Storm Compliance Company Spurns Paper for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

A California storm compliance agency has recently decided to remove wasteful paper from their business in favor of custom mobile apps.  With regulations constantly changing in this industry, it was imperative for the company to be able to easily adapt their forms.  GoCanvas answered these needs.

By: andy adams August 23, 2012

Australian Skin Therapy Center Removes the Wrinkles of a Paper Trail: Uses GoCanvas on iOS

A prominent Australian Skin Therapy Clinic has begun utilizing GoCanvas to capture patient information and medical procedures through custom GoCanvas apps, deployed on iPads.

By: kalliopi vlastos August 22, 2012

Premier Convenience Store Chain Replaces Paper with GoCanvas on iOS Devices

The facilities maintenance division of a regional chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Massachusettes has put down paper and pen in favor of iPhones and iPads equipped with GoCanvas Mobile Apps. 

By: scott shea August 21, 2012

Oilfield Chemical Services Business Turns on paper – Makes the Switch to Mobile Apps on iOS

An oilfield chemical services company based out of Texas has recently made the switch from paper to GoCanvas mobile apps.  The company provides chemical products in the use of well fracture operations in oilfields.  After acquiring some iPads, the company realized it was time to make the switch and go mobile.  GoCanvas became a clear solution.

By: kalliopi vlastos August 15, 2012

AP Motor Sports Kicks Into High Gear with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry Playbooks

AP Motor Sports, a motorcycle maintenance company, has kicked paper to the curb in favor of GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry Playbooks.

By: scott shea August 14, 2012

Electric Gas Group Replaces Paper Agreement with Customized iPhone App on GoCanvas

Electric Gas group is an authorized energy marketing company.  The goal of the company is to assist businesses in reducing the cost of their natural gas and/or electric bill by up to 15% annually.   With prices as high as they are today, these types of savings cannot be overlooked. Read more…

By: Jason Good August 13, 2012

GoCanvas Pitches in at Miller Field in Milwaukee for the Honor Flight Film Premiere

There really is a lot of good in the world despite what you hear on the news!  Stars and Stripes Honor Flight, Inc., which is part of the Honor Flight Network, sponsored an event on Saturday, August 11, 2012 at Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI.  The event was called “Field of Honor: A Salute to the Greatest Generation”.  At the event the world premiere of a documentary film called “Honor Flight” was viewed before an audience of over 28,000 people.  This broke the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest movie screening and raised awareness for a tremendous cause.  Read more…

By: andy adams August 9, 2012

Texas Utility Contractor Digs GoCanvas on iOS

A Utility Contractor based out of Texas has begun using GoCanvas on iOS to go both paperless and mobile.  Using a mix of apps they will now be able to track everything from job progress to equipment condition, real time.  Read more…

By: kalliopi vlastos August 8, 2012

Toy Manufacturer Goes Mobile at Trade Shows With GoCanvas Apps on iPads

An award-winning creator, manufacturer, and distributor of educational toys for children has found a new toy for its own purposes – GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads! Read more about how they’re using it to capture orders for their products at trade shows.

By: scott shea August 7, 2012

Atlantic Carpet Cleaners Whisks Away Paper for GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iOS

Atlantic Carpet Cleaners, a Massachusetts based carpet cleaning service, has made the switch from paper invoices to GoCanvas custom mobile apps.  The owner of the small business realized the inefficiencies and waste in using paper forms.  With a smartphone already in hand, a solution was literally at his fingertips. 

By: Jason Good August 6, 2012

City’s Stormwater Management Department Using GoCanvas Apps & iPad for Inspections

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has requirements in place to manage potential contamination of stormwater.  The Clean Water Act spells out in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Program what must be done by local municipalities to control contamination to stormwater. Construction companies are responsible for limiting erosion and sediment run-off at the sites where they are conducting work. Cities, towns, counties and other municipalities that run sewer systems must respond to complaints and inspect construction sites that are potentially violating local laws that are in place to conform to the federal requirements.  A progressive city in the Southern United States has decided to conduct their inspections using customized stormwater management Apps created with GoCanvas running on their iPads!

By: Jason Good July 30, 2012

Canadian Installer and Retailer of Automotive Electronic Gear Turns to GoCanvas and iPhones

Loading up cars and trucks with the latest electronic gagetry is as popular as ever now that there are so many new gadgets out there.  A whole host of television shows attest to the popularity of turning ones vehicle into an entertainment system that also happens to be a car or a truck!  A Canadian subscriber of GoCanvas has a mobile installation team that will install your gear at your location.  And GoCanvas was the perfect way for them to document the work that is done so the owner of the business knows what his team is doing and ensure that installations are done properly.

By: andy adams July 28, 2012

Canadian Logging Company Cuts Down on Paper with GoCanvas on iOS

A logging company based out of Alberta, CA has started using a wide variety of mobile apps to replace their everyday paper forms.  Read more…