The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: kalliopi vlastos November 7, 2012

Texas Based Concrete Company Paves the Way for GoCanvas Apps on iPhones

A commercial and industrial concrete company based in Texas is paving the way for GoCanvas mobile apps on iPhones. The company’s employees previously used paper to collect time sheet data and would call purchase orders in so they could receive a purchase order number. Now with GoCanvas, these processes are entirely electronic.

By: Jason Good November 5, 2012

Delivery Confirmation Apps Save Time & Money for Australian and New York-based Companies

What does a high-end digital printing company in New York City have in common with an Australian distributor of innovative technology products?  Both companies were previously using paper-based delivery confirmation forms (or proof of delivery forms) and are now both using GoCanvas!  Mobile devices are great for capturing time and date stamps, signatures, and other data crucial for a delivery confirmation.  Read more…

By: andy adams November 1, 2012

VTI Security Locks Down Paperless Solution with GoCanvas on Android, iPhone, and iPad

VTI Security, a corporate security company headquartered in Minnesota, has started using GoCanvas on a number of devices in order to decrease their use of paper and increase the efficiency of data collection.

By: scott shea October 31, 2012

Shipley Energy Switches to Custom GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

Shipley Energy is the largest locally owned provider of home heating energy, including oil, natural gas and propane, in Central Pennsylvania.   The company has been around for over eight decades and certainly knows their business.  Over time, Shipley has been able to adapt and improve within their industry.  When it came to business technology, they were no different.

By: Michael Benedict October 24, 2012

Essential Safety Resources Continues GoCanvas Application Store Expansion!

Mark Ralls, President of Essential Safety Resources, is a big believer in job site safety.  His safety philosophy can be summed up as follows: “The safety performance of your employees is as important to the success of your business as having the right employees. Essential Safety Resources is here to help in all your Safety needs.” Mark believes in sharing his expertise. His company partnered with GoCanvas to launch the Essential Safety Resources Application Store on, and they recently added more safety apps.  If you’re in the Oil and Gas or Construction industries, you will find his apps particularly helpful in assessing safety in a number of areas.

By: Jason Good October 22, 2012

National Retail Services, Inc Using Custom GoCanvas Merchandising App on iPad, Blackberry, and Andro

National Retail Services, Inc is a full service sales and retail merchandising company offering a wide variety of services including resets, new store setup, surveys, market analysis, fulfillment, design, printing and more.  They have over 40 years of retail experience serving large home improvement retailers and clothing retailers.  For years they had used paper forms to document the work they were performing for their customers.  Now that GoCanvas is a part of their lives, they are able to create their call reports on iPads allowing them to insert photos directly into their reports and email them right away back to their office.  They don't have to capture photos, go back to the office, retrieve their photos from their camera or email account, save them onto their hard drive, type up a report and then insert the photos into the report anymore (Phew!).  They enter their notes into their custom GoCanvas App, insert their photos, and email it off.  Done and done!  Read more…

By: kalliopi vlastos October 19, 2012

Australian Painting Contractor Takes GoCanvas Down Under!

A residential painting and carpentry company based in Sydney, Australia has deployed GoCanvas Mobile Apps on an assortment of Android devices and iPhones. 

By: kalliopi vlastos October 19, 2012

Guest Blog: Safety-Link Consulting on Health & Safety at Work Week

Monday 22nd October, 2012 sees the beginning of the European Health & Safety at Work Week. Health & Safety policy expert Safety-Link Consulting ( looks at how important this week is in promoting leadership and worker involvement in core Health & Safety issues in the workplace.

By: scott shea October 18, 2012

Australian Screening and Crushing Company Demolishes Paper, Converts to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPad

Recently a Queensland Screening and Crushing company decided to make the switch from paper based forms to custom mobile apps on iOS devices.  This company, based out of Queensland, Australia is a market leader in mobile crushing, screening, washing and recycling equipment.   They decided to make the leap and eliminate the inefficiencies of paper for a mobile solution.  GoCanvas was able to provide the platform to take all the business they used to do with antiquated pen and paper and switch to custom mobile apps on their recently purchased iPads.

By: kalliopi vlastos October 11, 2012

Espresso Machine Maintenance Company Gets its Morning Fix of GoCanvas on iPhones

Universal Espresso Care, a UK based espresso machine maintenance and installation company, made the switch from paper to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on iPhones after learning about us through a colleague in the same industry. That company was kind enough to share its specially made apps with Universal Espresso Care and they’ve been hooked ever since.

By: kalliopi vlastos October 10, 2012

Guest Blog: Safety-Link Consulting on the Advantages of Health and Safety Mobile Apps

Today I bring you Canvas's first guest blog post! The post comes from our long time sales partner and content provider Martin Denny of award-winning Safety-Link Consulting. UK based Safety-Link helps employers of small to medium size companies comply with their legal obligations by carrying out Safety Audits of the premises using Safety-Link branded GoCanvas Apps.  Using the apps on iPads, the Safety Managers identify any hazards that might be present in the place of work, and help put into place the necessary control measures to ensure the safety of all concerned. Continue reading about Safety-Link's take on the Advantages of Health and Safety Mobile Apps.

By: scott shea October 9, 2012

Keep Calm and Get GoCanvas!  Massage and Skincare Company Switches to Mobile Apps on iPad

Calm: Massage & Skincare for Women recently made the switch to custom mobile apps using GoCanvas.  The Brooklyn based company decided to leave behind the wasteful and inefficient papers for GoCanvas.  The owner, Joanna Tringali, discovered GoCanvas and realized the simplicity of GoCanvas would bring peace of mind to previously annoying paperwork.

By: scott shea October 4, 2012

Michael Theodor Brokerage Eliminates Paper and Increases Efficiency on Blackberry Playbook

Michael Theodor Brokerage is the oldest established natural Product Broker in Canada, providing superior brand and sales management services with extensive background in the natural foods industry.  They represent some of the best natural and organic food and health care lines in North America.  With so many different retailers and brands to keep track of, MTB was looking for a way to make this process easier for their account managers in the field.  GoCanvas provided the answer they were looking for.  Read more…

By: andy adams October 3, 2012

Scissors Beat Paper! UK Hair Salon Gets Stylish with GoCanvas Apps

One of Lee-on-The-Solent’s local hair salons has decided to cut out paper and start using GoCanvas to go paperless.  Why wrestle with paper forms when data can be captured and stored electronically so easily these days?  Read on…

By: Michael Benedict October 1, 2012

GoCanvas Launches Inspection Mobile Apps for John Deere Construction Equipment

GoCanvas wants to help you keep your construction equipment running smoothly.  So if you’re wondering after how many hours of using that loader you have to check the parking brake oil level, grease the loader linkage and cylinder pivots, or change the differential fluid, now you’ll have that information right in the palm of your hand.  No more cumbersome paper checklists that you can’t find.  Learn more here. 

By: Jason Good October 1, 2012

Top Shelf Transformations Using Customized Estimate App with GoCanvas on iPad

Top Shelf Transformations, Northern Ohio's authorized dealer of Monkey Bars garage storage system, was started by Robin Anderrson after nearly 20 years in the education field.  She wanted to work more with her hands and she had been spending more and more time around her own house organizing and improving things.  So she became a dealer of the Monkey Bars system to sell it in 19 northern Ohio counties.  To streamline her business and reduce the amount of paperwork, she turned to GoCanvas for a customized Estimate App that she completes on her iPad.  She can now put together an estimate and email it off to her potential new customer right away, which also shortens her sales cycle.

Northern Ohio's Authorized Dealer of Monkey Bars Garage Storage System

plumber checking systems in building
By: kalliopi vlastos September 26, 2012

Elge Plumbing Flushes Paper in Favor of GoCanvas Apps on Android Phones and Tablets

Elge Plumbing, which services major restaurant and convenience store chains across the country is relieved to be going paperless. With 40 technicians roaming the country to make stops at various Panera Bread, Chipotle, Applebee’s and CVS locations, they needed a solution that they could deploy quickly and would return finished forms to the Somerville office even faster for processing.

By: Jason Good September 24, 2012

Bolt-Spec Turns to GoCanvas, iPhones, & Droid Phones for Mobile Timesheets, Work Orders and More!

For over 35 years Delaware’s Bolt-Spec has been solving bolting problems for a wide variety of customers.  They are a specialized contractor providing on-site bolting and machining, induction bolt-heating, calibration services and product sales and rentals.  They focus on one area of expertise and are therefore able to provide high-quality solutions that are completed safely and efficiently.  They stick to what they know and they do it well!  When it was time to replace their paper forms and processes they turned to an expert (Ahem…CANVAS!).  GoCanvas provided them the ability to customize mobile solutions for their specific line of work.  When experts collide great things can happen!  Read on…

By: andy adams September 21, 2012

Texas Supply Chain Service Company Streamlines Workflows with GoCanvas on iPhones & iPads

Recently, a Texas based SCS Company has begun using GoCanvas to automate their data collection on iPads and iPhones.  This company specializes in facilities management, design, and maintenance.  Their expertise ranges from electrical systems to mechanical systems, all of which designed to operate and maximum efficiency.

By: Jason Good September 19, 2012

Nigerian Port Using GoCanvas Apps on Android to Greatly Reduce Theft

Presofttech, a technology provider to the transportation industry that specializes in aviation and maritime solutions, has a client that was experiencing a problem with theft from vehicles being off-loaded from ships.  Presofttech is based in Lagos, Nigeria and serves the shipping industry there and other places around the world.  The Ro-Ro (“Roll On Roll Off”) ships require drivers to unload cars and other vehicles by driving them off of the ship and into the dockyard.  Presofttech’s client was finding that there were various parts missing from inside the vehicles and they suspected the army of drivers hired to unload these massive ships were probably responsible.  The problem was that they didn’t have any idea which driver was unloading each car.  GoCanvas to the rescue!