The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: Jason Good October 22, 2013

Triumvirate Environmental Comes to Life with GoCanvas Apps

Triumvirate Environmental of Somerville, MA USA is a leading provider of waste management, field services, and technical services to a variety of industries.  They help their clients reduce waste and save money.Still, they struggled to extract value from their paper forms.  According to Triumvirate, the data from their safety programs was “cumbersome to manage and not being fully utilized.”  Read more…

By: katie simpson October 2, 2013

From Finance to Public Administration, GoCanvas is ready for Hong Kong!

The next stop for our Asia-Pacific director, Andrew, is Hong Kong. More than the amazing skyline, he’s excited to meet businesses working in this bustling region. Whether you work in finance or public administration, GoCanvas has mobile apps for your organization.

By: matthew bubna-litic September 17, 2013

5 Ways Real Estate/Property Management Companies Benefit from GoCanvas Mobile Apps

GoCanvas is constantly on the lookout for industries that benefit from our services. The property management sector provides some of the most positive responses.  See five reasons why real estate firms choose GoCanvas.

By: scott shea July 17, 2013

Large Machine Manufacturer Opts out of Paper in Favor of GoCanvas DIY Mobile Apps

A large machine manufacturer based out of Wisconsin has recently taken the plunge in to the world of GoCanvas.  Instead of telling the story from my perspective, lets here it right from the customer.

By: mike squires July 1, 2013

캔버스 바위! Aussie Based Denist’s Office Engages Patients With GoCanvas on iPads in Korean

SmileBright Dental, located in  an outer suburb of Brisbane Australia, is the latest dental practice to use GoCanvas to make their clients visit as pleasant as possible and eliminate costly paper forms. They even took it to the next level and offered a version in Korean. 

By: preva jackson June 21, 2013

Micra Air Goes Paperless Down Under

Micra Air is a small commercial air conditioning and mechanical services business located in Melbourne, Australia and has recently joined the paperless world of GoCanvas.

By: kalliopi vlastos May 24, 2013

CompuDynamics Launches with GoCanvas Dispatch: Send Prefilled Forms to Mobile Workers

Compu Dynamics, a Virginia-based company and leading provider of critical power and precision cooling solutions for data centers, network facilities, server rooms, operations centers, and other communications facilities is taking advantage of Dispatch, a new GoCanvas feature which allows them to send prefilled forms to technicians out in the field.

By: mike squires May 20, 2013

GoCanvas Helps One Organization in Their Mission to Restore Eyesight in Children.

Jonathon Owens is an Advertising Art Director for a prominent international advertising agency, working in Sydney, Australia.

Jonathon has a degenerative eye disease, which is gradually reducing his central focus. “I think about the implications of losing my vision daily and it terrifies me. I’m lucky that my vision will not completely disappear, but millions of children around the world are losing their eyesight unnecessarily every day. I want to help change this.”

By: matthew bubna-litic May 3, 2013

Singapore Security Company Locks In GoCanvas

Evtec, a large private security company based out of Singapore has recently gone paperless and switched to GoCanvas. To ensure their clients receive an unparalleled level of protection, Evtec implements…

By: scott shea April 19, 2013

Aircraft Refuel-er Goes Mobile By Choosing GoCanvas Custom Mobile Apps

A large aircraft refueling company that has been around for more than 60 years has recently decided to get rid of the headache that is paper and take those forms mobile.  This Midwest company found GoCanvas and realized the potential right away.  Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet nowadays, so why not take advantage of it for business as well?

By: scott shea March 28, 2013

GoCanvas Ante Up Program Recognized in Washington Post

The GoCanvas Ante Up Program, which donates the GoCanvas Service to not for profit companies, was recently highlighted in the Washington Post

By: mike squires March 21, 2013

Mobile Apps Are In Your Hands

Still looking for that extra edge that will make your sales people more effective? Thinking about expensive motivational courses and more training?

Before you go down that path, why not look at a solution which is close at hand? As a matter of fact if you are reading this Blog on a mobile device then the solution may be right in your hand.  Before we go any further, let’s go back in technology history for a moment…

By: greg katai March 19, 2013

Is GoCanvas a fit for Large Organizations?

You may be a large business or organization, with 1000 or more employees, and are wondering if GoCanvas can support your needs. The answer is a resounding “YES!”. The GoCanvas platform not only provides a powerful application builder that lets you easily customize applications for your tablets and smartphones, but also has the industrial-strength underpinnings needed to support large numbers of users, high volumes of transactions, bi-directional integrations to company systems, and corporate-grade security. Here are some of the components that you will be happy to see are a part of the GoCanvas platform today:

By: andrew cantle March 18, 2013

GoCanvas Mobile Apps – Why They Sell Themselves in Australia

In three short months, GoCanvas has established a strong foothold in Australia.  Next up – the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

By: christina croll March 15, 2013

How the Full Service Food Service Company, HAFSCO, Saves $10,000+ a Year with GoCanvas

Learn how HASCO, a full service food company, was able to save $10,000 a year by leveraging GoCanvas.

By: Michael Benedict March 14, 2013

Taking the Stress out of Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meetings

Spring is around the corner and half of the school year is now over.  It is time for parents and Special Educators to ensure that their student’s Individualized Education Programs (IEP) Annual and Triennial Reviews are completed and signed by the end of the school year.

IEP meetings are stressful not only for parents but also the team members. IEP team meetings are a critical part of your child’s education program. One of the easiest ways to eliminate stress is anticipating what will occur. Being prepared is the key, whether this is your first IEP or your seventh, the IEP Meeting Parent Checklist is designed to help.

By: christina croll March 9, 2013

Video Game Review App Created Using GoCanvas – By Five Year Old.

The GoCanvas App Builder tool is handy for capturing any type of data – even reviews of Minecraft, Mario Brothers, Halo and your other favorite video games.  Read this story about how my five year old son commandeered my PC to build his dream app.  Then start using the Canvas app builder to catalogue wines, recipes, favorite meals out and just about anything else you would like to document, save for your files and share with others. 

By: Brent Nieder February 27, 2013

Girl Scouts Use GoCanvas to Sell Cookies

This time of year in Reston, VA (the location of GoCanvas HQ) is most always dreary. The holiday spirit has vanished but cold temperatures remain.  Just when it seems like it will never end, as if the sun will never show it’s warm face again… there is a ray of hope. Yes, they’ve snuck up on us again (and the timing couldn’t be better) — the Girl Scout Cookies have arrived!

By: scott shea February 13, 2013

GoCanvas in South Africa – Report from the Bush

Upon arriving to South Africa, I was anxious to see how GoCanvas is helping the Sabi Sand Wildtuin Game Reserve. The first day we went out in to the field, I got two perfect examples. Initially GoCanvas was just used to track Rhino poaching, but like most of our customers, it quickly spread to other sectors to help efficiency. The first use of GoCanvas I witnessed exemplified this perfectly.

By: Chris Morrisette February 12, 2013

Prevent noise induced hearing loss with this essential mobile app

Are you concerned about the level of noise in your workplace, fearing it may be having a detrimental affect on your hearing? Are you an employer who is keen to protect your employees from hazardous noise and avoid costly insurance claims against your firm? Either way, you will be pleased to hear that is easier than ever before to prevent noise induced hearing loss in the workplace with a soon-to-be essential safety app for your mobile device from Safety-Link Consulting (