Androids & BlackBerrys Allow Orthotics Doctors To Place Real-Time Orders: Featured GoCanvas Subscrib

Androids for DoctorsHealthcare Practioners can now interact with this leading provider of high quality Orthotics via their Smartphones and Tablets.   They can take measurements, place orders and more all from the examining room.  Built to HIPAA standards, GoCanvas offers this featured subscriber the ability to further differentiate themselves through this innovative offering.   Learn more about how GoCanvas can help your company put ordering at the fingertips of your customers.

By Joe Gatto on January 21, 2011

Androids Mobilize Power Company’s Workers – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

There have been mobile solutions in the utility industry for years now, they have been expensive, not easy or user friendlyPower Company Uses Androids to Automate Workers to customize and usually only support one type of mobile device.   Learn more about how this large utility was able to go wireless and get up and going on their own, in a fraction of the time and expense, all while taking full advantage of Canvas’s powerful, feature rich offering. 

By Joe Gatto on January 14, 2011

Medical Supplies To Your Home Tracked on Tablets and Smartphones – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

Diabetic Supplies Tracked on Smartphones

Critical home health care supplies, like those delivered to diabetics, have traditionally been tracked through the system with a host of paper based forms and processes.  GoCanvas is helping one leading provider of home health care diabetic supplies to mobilze their business…. replacing paper with Smartphones and Tablets.

By Joe Gatto on January 7, 2011

Business Improvement Districts Go Mobile – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

BID or Business Improvement Districts provide municipalities the ability to offer further services to businesses within that rBusiness Improvement District goes Mobileegion.   These may include further focus on potholes, safety, security, grafitti etc…   With this extra work, comes tracking.   That’s where GoCanvas comes in… easy, fast, affordable and a powerful way for BID’s to collect and communicate data collected in the field all on their mobile devices.

By Joe Gatto on December 31, 2010

Canvas Mobile Solution on Android Smartphones Automates Regional Bottled Water Distributor

Water Distributor goes mobile on AndroidsGladden Water replaces forms with affordable GoCanvas Mobile Apps on their smartphones improving productivity and eliminating the need to print over 65,000 pages of paper a year.

By James W Quigley on October 27, 2010

Canvas Mobile Apps Automate Merchandising Service Leader Retail Service Partners

Regional retail services provider has implemented GoCanvas self-serve mobile software in order to improve productivity and increase service levels for their clients

By James W Quigley on September 6, 2010

Students in Recent Venezuelan Elections Promote Democracy and Political Involvement Utilizing Canvas

Blackberry Users Get Out the Vote and Witness Fair Elections Using the Power of Mobility

By James W Quigley on August 3, 2010

Mobile Clinic Management EMR for Patient Health Information Launched by JAG and GoCanvas Partnership

Unique partnership allows for real-time access of patient health information for mental health and chemical dependence agencies using a wide variety of mobile devices and smartphones.

By James W Quigley on May 25, 2010