The GoCanvas Blog: GoCanvas Subscribers – Who is Using GoCanvas?

By: kalliopi vlastos September 7, 2011

Commercial Parking Facility Replaces Dated Electronic Solution with GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackber

A commercial parking facility operator has made the switch from a dated, customized electronic solution for performing inspections to GoCanvas Mobile Apps on Blackberry. Read more here.Parking Garage Uses Canvas

By: kalliopi vlastos September 2, 2011

Massage Therapist Works Out the Kinks Replacing Paper with GoCanvas on iPhone and iPad

An east coast based massage therapist whose client roster boasts a slew of professional athletes has found GoCanvas mobile apps on Canvas massage therapy mobile appsiPhone/iPad to be the perfect cure to a knot in her own business. Read more here.

By: Joe Gatto September 1, 2011

Paving Business Ditches Their Clipboards for GoCanvas Mobile Forms

Regional Asphalt Services Company based in the Mid-West whose portfolio includes commercial buildings, apartment complexes, private lots and municipal roads has recently deployed GoCanvas on Droid X's to replace inefficient paper-based project reports, time sheets, and construction equipment tracking sheets. Click to learn more. Paving Company Goes Mobile

By: kalliopi vlastos August 23, 2011

Business Equipment Service and Supply Company Upgrades to Android Mobile Apps with GoCanvas

An on-site IT service and supply company equipped with Android phones and tablets has found GoCanvas to be the perfect fix for its own business. Read about how this company is using a “big business” solution on a small business budget.Copier company deploys mobile apps on Canvas

By: Joe Gatto August 22, 2011

Popular UK Skateboard Park Goes Paperless Using GoCanvas on iPads to Capture Vital Admission Info

Skaters and riders from this UK based skate park now fill out  admission information in a customer-built mobile app residing on iPads made available in the park’s Pro Shop. Skater information is collected as well as their electronic signature and photo. Since launching this initial application, they have built additional apps used for injury reports and facility inspections.  All using GoCanvas…  Learn more here.Skate park uses GoCanvas mobile apps for Admissions

By: Joe Gatto August 17, 2011

Established Aviation Co. Goes iPhone to rid Paper From Their Operation – Featured GoCanvas Subscribe

One of the U.S. South Central region’s largest and oldest general aviation businesses and the nation’s largest Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) has deployed GoCanvas to build in operational efficiencies and remove a myriad of Aircraft Company Uses iPhonepaper forms from their daily operation all from their iPhones.

By: kalliopi vlastos August 15, 2011

Children’s Hair Salon Gets a Mobile Makeover with GoCanvas on iPad

Children's hair salon uses Mobile Apps with GoCanvas A cutting edge children’s hair salon based in Texas is setting a new trend by replacing paper forms with GoCanvas mobile apps on iPads. Read more about how this salon has gone mobile with GoCanvas.

By: Joe Gatto August 11, 2011

Provider of Infrastructure Services, Communications Equipment, and Tech Support Deploys Canvas

Wachter Inc. utilizes GoCanvas App Service to automate paper-based work orders, inspections, inventory audits and evaluations all from their Android Tablets

By: kalliopi vlastos August 8, 2011

GoCanvas Provides A Quick Fix for Appliance Repair Company Using iPads

A small Florida based appliance repair company has made the switch from
paper forms to digital apps with GoCanvas on their iPads. Learn more about how this company has gone mobile with GoCanvas.Appliance Repair Company uses iPad with Canvas

By: Joe Gatto August 5, 2011

Pioneer in the Energy/Smart Grid Market Deploys GoCanvas Mobile Business Apps on BlackBerry To Worke

Safety inspections go from clipboard/paperform to BlackBerry for this pioneer in the Energy & Smart Grid solution space.   LearnSmart Grid Provider Goes Mobile with Canvas more about how this organization is providing an example to others in their space by promoting a green, real time way of connecting with employees in the field. 

By: Joe Gatto July 12, 2011

Pest Control Company Uses Android and iPhone to Automate Processes – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

This week’s featured GoCanvas subscriber is a pest control company in the Northeastern United States that has been in business for over three decades.  They are now using electronic PDF’s instead of paper based invoices for their clients all using GoCanvas on their Android and iPhone devices. Pest Control on Android iPhone with Canvas

By: kalliopi vlastos July 11, 2011

Property Inspectors Go Mobile on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry – GoCanvas Featured Subscriber

A fast-growing property management and real estate consultancy company in the southern U.S. has gone mobile with GoCanvas in an effort to replace its cumbersome and manually intensive method of conducting onsite property inspections.Property Inspections with Canvas

By: James W Quigley June 29, 2011

Communications & Electrical Services Co Goes Paperless With Android Samsung Galaxy Tabs & Canvas

Our featured GoCanvas subscriber is a leading provider of on-site wired and wireless network infrastructure, telephony and structured cabling, design, installation, and electrical services.  They are deploying GoCanvas on Android Based Samsung Galaxy Tablets, effectively replacing paper based process, speeding up the flow of information and improving customers service.  Electrical Services Company Uses Android and Canvas

By: Joe Gatto June 12, 2011

Medical Oxygen Delivered to Your Home on Sprint EVO Android Smartphones – Featured GoCanvas Subscrib

Powered by GoCanvas and Sprint's EVO Android Smartphone, this home delivery provider of oxygen and home medical products goes mobile and paperless.   Oxygen Delivery on Androids with Canvas

By: Joe Gatto June 8, 2011

Statewide Property Management Firm Goes Mobile with GoCanvas on Their iPads

Property management firm located in Northeastern United States is using GoCanvas to help inspect townhomes and conominium’s in a way just not possible with paper forms.  Canvas automates Property company on iPad

By: James W Quigley May 24, 2011

Leading Solar Company Takes “Going Green” to Another Level – Deploys GoCanvas on BlackBerry

Provider of Residential and Small Commercial Solar Panel Systems Skips Right Over Paper Forms and Deploys Mobile Apps Using CanvasAstrum Solar Technician using GoCanvas on BlackBerry

By: Joe Gatto May 4, 2011

Property Management Inspections Go Mobile on Android – GoCanvas Featured Subscriber

Property Management Mobile AppsProperty management firm upgrades how they collect real time maintenance information in the field using Android Smartphones.  Read more about how this company went paperless.  

By: Joe Gatto May 2, 2011

High End Audio-Visual, Teleconferencing Provider Goes Mobile on Android – GoCanvas Featured Subscrib

Leading provider of high end audio-video, teleconferencing, window treatments, lighting solutions and digital signage takes their technology savvy to the next level deploying GoCanvas on Android devices.   Click here to learn more about how this world class Audio Visual Provider Deploys Androidservices provider upgarded their real-time communication capabilities.

By: Joe Gatto April 16, 2011

Professional Pool Maintenance Co. Replaces Paper Forms with Mobile Apps – Featured GoCanvas Subscrib

Our featured GoCanvas subscriber of the week is diving into their prime season! This week we are featuring a regional Pool Maintenance Company Goes from Paper Forms to Mobile Appsprofessional pool maintenance company servicing both private and commercial pools in their respective metro area.  Using Androids & BlackBerry devices this GoCanvas subscriber is like many others joining in the mobile app revolution.

By: Joe Gatto April 10, 2011

Android Tablets, Androids and BlackBerries Automate Moving Company – Featured GoCanvas Subscriber

Real time automation on Android Tablets, Androids and BlackBerry Smartphones help this moving company go paperless.  Read more about this week’s featured GoCanvas Subscriber. Moving Company Uses Android Tablets