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3 Reasons Why Every Electrician & Plumber Should Be Paperless in 2017

With fast-track projects accounting for close to 40% of all building construction, having the ability to capture and share data in real-time is rapidly becoming a requirement for all electricians and plumbers. Read why now is the time to go mobile with your business!

By Keith Bateman on January 27, 2017

Optimize Your Canvas Experience: Top 5 Customer Questions from January 2017

Canvas is blessed to have an amazing support team of humans, not robots, that help answer thousands of questions on a monthly basis. Many times they find themselves answering the same questions over and over, so we thought we would share these in order to help you avoid any speed bumps on your way to a paperless future!

Get your questions answered...

By Keith Bateman on January 24, 2017

Release Notes: New Help Center and Billing Email

We have released a couple of new features for our amazing customers! With this particular release we built ourselves some internal tools to help us serve customers better and we continue to work on some bigger features that are coming really soon.  Let's dig into this release...

By Jason Good on January 23, 2017

Field Service Managers: 3 Things You Need To Know About Going Paperless

Going paperless can seem like a daunting task to many businesses, but it doesn't have to be. Being prepared and having answers to the biggest questions will help to ease any tension you may have about making the switch. Read on as we explore the reasons why it makes sense to implement mobile technology in your Field Service company. 

By Keith Bateman on January 18, 2017

Feature Focus: Import Your Database with Reference Data

For some companies, the ability to simply capture information on a mobile device is not compelling enough to make them switch from paper. But the ability to automatically pre-fill information based on your own company's database is one of the biggest driving forces behind why people make the switch to Canvas.


By Keith Bateman on January 12, 2017

Next Generation of Healthcare: Fawema Enterprises Cuts Documentation Time by 87%

Providing top notch home health care around the clock is not an easy job, especially when you use paper. Fawema Enterprises decided that in order to increase the quality of their service, for both their clients and nurses, they needed to make the switch to a mobile based platform.

Read how!

Release Notes: New Functionality for the App Builder & PDF Designer

I'm not even sure where to start with this release! There are a lot of new things along with some enhancements to the user interface in our App Builder and PDF Designer in the spirit of making them easier to use. A number of these changes were done to make the controls inside the App Builder identical to the controls inside the PDF Designer so there is familiarity between the two tools. Let's get this party started...

By Jason Good on January 7, 2017

Feature Focus: The Benefits of Dispatch

This week we focus on exploring the best use cases and benefits of using Dispatch with Canvas. Learn how you can cut out 100's of hours of manual scheduling and task management with one feature!

By Keith Bateman on January 5, 2017

Release Notes: Introducing our NEW Android App

We are pleased to announce that we have released our new Android app to Google Play today! This is the second phase of overhauling our mobile experience that began with the release of our new iOS app at the end of 2016. The final phase will be the release of our brand new desktop client for Windows computers that will come in Q2. What can our Android users expect with this new release?  Read on...

By Jason Good on January 5, 2017

Read the Report: Top 4 Reasons Companies Choose to Leave Paper for Canvas [SlideShare]

Ever wondered why so many companies are making the transition to cloud-based and paperless solutions? We asked this exact question and more to our current subscribers and compiled their responses into a report to help those companies that might be debating the same transition. 

Read the results and make the decision for yourself!

By Keith Bateman on January 3, 2017