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[Online Training] Schedule and Assign Jobs from Google Calendar with Canvas!

Ever wanted to schedule jobs right from your Google Calendar? Now you can! With Zapier, Canvas can be connected to your calendar in under 5 minutes. Join our live webinar to see how you can start scheduling jobs easier with Canvas!

By Keith Bateman on June 22, 2016

How Will Digital Transform Manufacturing? (Infographic)

Digital will revolutionize everything, including manufacturing. Here are 10 ways technology could change one of the world’s most important industries.

By Michael Benedict on June 21, 2016

Why Manufacturers are Using Wearable Tech to Increase Workplace Safety

Wearable tech can track far more than steps or calories. Find out how major manufacturers are using it to create personal connected safety solutions.

By Michael Benedict on June 14, 2016

National Safety Month: Why Was 2014 the Deadliest Year for the U.S. Workforce? [Webinar]

More bad news out of Washington, D.C. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, an organization under the Department of Labor, has released startling numbers that show an increased rate in workplace fatalities. This is concerning not just because people are dying routinely on job sites, but more so because the fatality rate increase was the first since 2010. The cumulative number of deaths in 2014 was also the highest in the last 7 years.

By Keith Bateman on June 13, 2016

OSHA’s Increased Focus on Amputation Prevention: What It Means for Manufacturers

OSHA inspections are not to be taken lightly, especially by manufacturers. Find out what OSHA’s new campaign to prevent workplace amputations means for you.     

By Michael Benedict on June 10, 2016

Running On Empty? How the Oil & Gas Industry is Saving Money with Mobile Tech [Online Training]

Looking for new and innovative ways to save some money on your bottom line? The Oil & Gas industry is still in the grips of a recession where every company is doing their best to cut costs. Studies find that 61% of companies are beginning to look at their internal processes and find ways that they can streamline by implementing mobile technology. 

By Keith Bateman on June 8, 2016

Canvas Welcomes New Innovative Leaders

Management team expanded to keep pace with increased demand for the Canvas mobile platform

By Keith Bateman on June 7, 2016

[Infographic] June is National Safety Month - Are Your Protecting Your Employees?

June is National Safety Month, a movement promoted by the National Safety Council to help raise awareness about the 13,000 American workers who are injured on the job every single day. The mission of the National Safety Council is to "saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads through leadership, research, education and advocacy." Canvas strives to be a platform that assists companies across all industries to improve their safety process and procedures. 

By Keith Bateman on June 3, 2016

How Standardizing Data Can Improve Your Manufacturing Business

If you’re capturing data, standardization is key to growing your manufacturing business. Here’s what you need to know.  

By Michael Benedict on June 1, 2016

[Live Webinar] Learn How One Oil Company Saves 200+ Hours Annually By Going Paperless

The Oil and Gas industry is one of great change and fluctuations. 10 years ago the industry was booming and cost cutting procedures weren't necessary, but today the market is in a severe decline where companies are fighting to keep jobs for their employees. Now is the time to deploy solutions that will not only provide short-term cost saving benefits, but that will also provide future growth in the market. Mobile technology is the wave of the present & future. 

By Keith Bateman on May 31, 2016