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4 Tech Platforms Helping Small Businesses Operate Like Large Enterprises

One of the biggest overlooked benefits of the tech revolution has been the effect on small businesses. Just a decade or so ago, implementing software to help streamline daily operations was a luxury only available to large enterprises. Fast forward to today and SMBs across the world are able to implement solutions that improve efficiency while not breaking the bank. Take a look at how these four companies can have a major impact on your business today!

By Keith Bateman on May 24, 2017

Eliminate Manual Time Keeping with These 3 Mobile Time Card Forms

Time cards are no fun. Whether it's filling them out, collecting them from your crew or entering the data into your payroll system, the process seems never ending and requires a substantial amount of time to complete. The good thing is that technology has advanced to make time collection more automated and payroll less of a pain. Check out how easy it is to get started with mobile time cards!

By Keith Bateman on May 22, 2017

Canvas Growth. Your Opportunity.

In selecting its go-to-market partners, Canvas is picky; downright persnickety. As the demand for its platform continues to escalate, Canvas continues to narrow its focus, recruiting only those partners with a proven record delivering industry-specific solutions to their business customers. Learn more about our program and how it can benefit both you and your clients!

By Keith Bateman on May 19, 2017

Top Customer Questions from May 2017!

Every month our clients come to us with the some of the most unique and thought-provoking questions about our product. We want to share with you the answers to some of those questions, and enhance your experience with Canvas!

By Keith Bateman on May 16, 2017

How Home Builder, True Homes, Streamlined Inspections & Increased Sales by $1M (Updated)

True Homes, the 16th largest private home builder in America, approached Canvas when their paper-based inspection process began to negatively impact customer satisfaction and productivity. Read more about their journey from doing everything on paper to transitioning to mobile inspections while saving more than $22,880 on form costs alone. 

3 Ways to Create a Mobile Work Order Form in Under 10 Minutes

Going paperless with a single form is the first step in increasing your organization's efficiency! We will show you how in just 10 minutes you can take the existing form you use today and convert it into an easy to use mobile work order that could boost your team's productivity by up to 19%!

By Keith Bateman on May 11, 2017

Feature Focus: Automate Data Entry by Scanning Barcodes & QR Codes

Having to manually fill out data fields by hand is a process that is slowly being eliminated thanks to the evolution of smart forms like Canvas. Learn how the ability to scan barcodes can improve your daily data collection process & increase your productivity one scan at a time.

By Keith Bateman on May 8, 2017

Construction Safety Week 2017: 5 Stats Every Safety Manager Needs to Know

To honor the conclusion of Construction Safety Week, we wanted to share 5 key statistics that every construction company should know about job site safety. Read on to see how much you know about the state of safety within your industry. 

By Keith Bateman on May 5, 2017

3 Ways Mobile Checklists Can Keep Your Healthcare Organization CQC Compliant

The Care Quality Commission is a major regulatory body in England that was established under the Department of Health. Its role is to monitor and inspect all organizations that provide medical care and ensure that patients are being given high-quality, safe treatments. In the case of businesses that are found to be in non-compliance with CQC regulations, they risk substantial fines, litigation, or even being shut down. Read how simple mobile checklists can reduce your risk during an inspection with the CQC or any major regulatory commission.

By Keith Bateman on May 4, 2017

How Mobile Forms Helped Metro Caulking & Waterproofing Increase Productivity by 34%

In today's highly competitive world, every small business is looking for an edge. When Metro Caulking & Waterproofing approached Canvas about streamlining their daily data reporting, it was clear that a minor change could have a dramatic impact on their small business. Learn how Canvas was able to help MCW become more streamlined in every facet of their business and gain an edge in their industry with just a simple mobile form.

By Keith Bateman on May 2, 2017