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Q2 Webinar Wrap-up: All Your Questions Answered

One of the best parts of conducting our big quarterly webinars is the number of questions that are asked by current and prospective Canvas customers. Today we will share with you the answers to those questions, as well as the best ways to begin implementing the biggest updates of Q2 into your Q3 processes. 

By Keith Bateman on July 5, 2017

Missed the Webinar? Watch it Now: Features & Updates You May Have Missed in Q2

Don't miss our biggest webinar of 2017! Watch along as we take you through some of the biggest enhancements to the Canvas platform including a preview of our new website, a complete walk-through of our new Windows App and more!

By Keith Bateman on June 28, 2017

The Top 5 Customer Questions from June!

Every month we receive thousands of questions from new and existing customers about the best ways to utilize Canvas within their business. In order to help you gain greater efficiency within your business, we're sharing the answers to the top questions from the month of June. 

By Keith Bateman on June 27, 2017

4 Features to Improve the Way You Perform Daily Inspections

Performing an inspection can be a rather annoying process at times. From reviewing every single item on every single page, the entire process can sometimes take hours to complete due to its manual nature. Thankfully for you, Canvas has streamlined the entire inspection process. Learn how 4 mobile only features can have you completing more inspections in less time. 

By Keith Bateman on June 23, 2017

National Safety Month: 3 Ways to Create the Perfect Paperless JSA Report

The Job Safety Analysis report, or JSA, is one of the most common forms filled out on job sites across the world. The problem with these reports is that, just like other paper-based forms, they often get under-analyzed and their data becomes insignificant due to lack of efficient processing. Learn the 3 ways that implementing a mobile JSA form can change the way you look at worksite safety and how it can expand the visibility of your business data.

By Keith Bateman on June 21, 2017

Release Notes: Canvas Windows App

At the very end of 2015 we made a strategic decision to support 3 platforms for filling out Canvas apps.  Android, iOS and the Windows operating system. We decided to NOT support Windows Phone and Blackberry any longer.  And our goal with these 3 platforms is very simple: To 100% support them. This means that all Canvas features (Unless not applicable) would be available across them and the design of the interface would be simple and easy to use.  

We are now happy to announce that our Canvas Windows App is now available!  Read on...

By Jason Good on June 20, 2017

Feature Focus: Create, Assign & Manage Tasks More Efficiently with Dispatch Calendar

Tired of having to manage multiple calendars or spreadsheets in order to track the status of projects? Stop doing it! Learn how Dispatch Calendar can consolidate all your tasks to a single screen and help you recover hundreds of hours in lost productivity every year. 

By Keith Bateman on June 14, 2017

How Checklists Can Boost the Performance of Retail Businesses

Staying organized is one of the biggest hurdles that any successful retail business faces on a day to day basis. Whether it be managing your employees or the normal duties of the day, having the ability to solve issues in a timely manner can have a major impact on company productivity. Learn how mobile checklists can help not only increase organization within your retail business but can also give you a better feel for your company's efficiency on a daily basis. 

By Keith Bateman on June 12, 2017

June is National Safety Month: 6 Mobile Forms Your Site Supervisor Needs

Every June, the National Safety Council promotes and observes "National Safety Month". This annual campaign focuses on reducing the number of preventable accidents that happen on job sites every year. Read how 6 mobile forms can turn any site supervisor into a safety expert and help your company reduce the risk of injury.

By Keith Bateman on June 7, 2017

How Healthcare Provider, EBPC, Reduced Paperwork & Increased Compliance with Mobile Forms

When East Berkshire Primary Care approached Canvas about streamlining their daily data collection procedures, they were looking for something that could be both customizable and easily deployable. Fast forward just 4 months later and EMPC has created over 15 mobile forms and has already recognized an ROI of over $25,000. Read how!

By Keith Bateman on June 5, 2017