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What is the Best Software to Create Forms?

  There are many software solutions available to help your business create forms. Forms are used to capture data for a specific business purpose. Deciding on the best software for your business will require you to examine what features and functionality you need to accomplish your desired outcome. Software for creating forms should be both […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 15, 2021

Free Mechanic Work Order Form Templates

  Looking for form templates to use on auto repair work? This article covers how you can leverage easy-to-use digital templates for work order forms in the automotive industry. We also share examples and templates you can get started with on the GoCanvas app store for all of your auto repair needs.   What is […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 13, 2021
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shaking hands after signing construction contract

Simple Contract Templates for the Construction Industry

  Need to leverage contract templates when working with customers? This article covers how contractors can use digital contract templates to simplify the process with easy-to-use software for contract management.   Why Contractors Should Leverage Contract Templates It’s always a best practice to have an agreement in place when rendering services for a client. For […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 10, 2021
Tags: Construction
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Free Employee Incident Report Template

Incident reports are used to document when an accident or near-miss happens at work. Instead of using paper forms, many organizations choose to file incident reports digitally as PDF files that can be sent via email. Templates are commonly used to give employees a standard form to file when an incident occurs. Proper reporting is […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 7, 2021
Tags: Safety
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Why You Should Leverage Apps for Construction Time Cards

  Looking to replace your time card system? Construction time card apps provide a better alternative to paper forms and they can streamline business processes. Instead of complicated workflows between the field and the office, digital time cards bring an easy-to-use solution for managing operational tasks.   The Challenge with Workflows Inefficient workflows are a […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 4, 2021
two construction workers looking at ipad device on job site

Top 4 Workplace Safety Apps

There are many great reasons to invest in workplace safety apps. Digital technology for safety can help modernize your operations and provide greater insight into safety issues and patterns.  A digital workplace safety management program will lead to better overall outcomes for your business. Apps help to keep workers safe and productive, ultimately lowering risk […]

By The GoCanvas Team on October 3, 2021
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What is a Work Order?

Work orders are used by field service organizations to manage work that needs to be performed for a client or on a job site. This guide explains everything you need to know about work orders and how your business can use them to operate more efficiently.   What is the meaning of work order? Companies […]

By The GoCanvas Team on September 25, 2021
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Best Invoice App for Contractors

  Software solutions for contractors are growing in popularity, with specific apps to help with different types of business projects. One such example are invoice apps that enable contractors to provide a digital invoice to clients. This article covers how invoice apps work and where you can find an easy-to-use template for your business.   […]

By The GoCanvas Team on September 20, 2021
homeowner and inspector doing a home inspection with checklists

The Complete Guide to FHA Home Inspection Checklists

Passing an FHA home inspection is necessary when purchasing a home with an FHA loan. FHA loans pose a number of advantages for some borrowers. They can make loans possible with a lower credit score, which may be the only way that some borrowers can get the loans they need to move into their own […]

By The GoCanvas Team on September 17, 2021
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man on construction site looking at digital tablet device

5 Best Construction Inspection Templates

Many jobs in construction require daily, weekly, and monthly inspections for safety compliance and project management tasks. This article covers some of the most common construction inspection types and templates that can be used to simplify the process.   Why use a construction inspection template? Inspection templates are helpful to use so that you don’t […]

By The GoCanvas Team on September 16, 2021