How to Cut Costs by Improving Productivity in 2020 [Webinar]

Save Time and Money on Your Daily Reports and Work Orders Join us as we dive into a case study + product demo centered around how Australia’s leading heavy haulage provider, Centurion Transport, has transformed their data collection and digitised their processes with GoCanvas. Webinar Agenda 1) Challenge We’ll walk through the challenges Centurion Transport […]

By Hayden Clinard on December 9, 2019
Construction Job Bidding Apps

Increase Contract Wins with Digitalized Job Bidding Template Apps

Guide to Construction Job Bidding Templates What is a Construction Bid?  Professionals in the construction business often have to submit construction bids to clients planning to build or remodel residential, commercial or institutional structures. Job bidding proposals may vary, but they often have three primary sections. A Line Item Sheet that lists each expenditure and […]

By Nick Mirisis on December 5, 2019
Construction Work Log Apps

Best Construction Work Log & Time Tracking Apps

Top Work Log Apps to Save Time and Money In any business, delivering quality work on schedule can make or break your professional reputation. This is particularly true in the construction industry where planning and tracking a project is paramount to a well-run build. It’s important for a construction manager to Work efficiently to save […]

By Nick Mirisis on December 3, 2019
Best Construction Apps

How to Write a Construction Delay Claim

What is a Construction Delay Claim? Like trains and planes, a construction project needs to run on time. When a schedule gets de-railed, it is important for contractors, general managers, and other professional builders to document the set-back with a construction delay claim. A builder may reduce his loss if he implements Critical Path Method […]

By Nick Mirisis on December 2, 2019
best time card apps

Time Card Apps that are Easy to Use

Reliable and Easy to Use Time Card Apps One of the most foundational parts of any business is a working payroll system. When it comes to paying your employees, it is essential that you have what you need to successfully record completed hours and calculate payments. If your system runs on paper time cards, you […]

By Nick Mirisis on November 26, 2019
Creating an Online Form

Go Paperless – There is an App For That

Go Paperless – Mobile Forms for Your Business In the current digital era, paper processes are often rendered more useless, inconvenient, and expensive than accessible digital variants. For companies that are looking for areas of improvement for efficiency and a decrease in costs, going paperless is a reasonable solution. While this may seem like a […]

By Nick Mirisis on November 22, 2019
Best Roof Inspection Apps

How to Create a Roof Inspection Checklist

4 Simple Steps to Creating a Roof Inspection Checklist The GoCanvas system can be used to optimize nearly every element of a building inspection, including the roof inspection process. The process of completing an attentive roof inspection is both incredibly tedious and immensely important. Here is a quick look at how you can create a […]

By Nick Mirisis on November 20, 2019

Auto Repair Apps that Will Save You Time and Money

7 Apps Your Auto Repair Business Needs Today With the introduction of mobile forms applications, businesses within the automotive repair industry could increase productivity and profitability. According to recent statistics, 75% of drivers will visit auto repair shops for vehicle service. If each of these vehicle service visits were managed with the quick efficiency that […]

By Nick Mirisis on November 18, 2019

How To Save Thousands of Hours by Digitizing Inspection Processes [Webinar]

Save time on your inspections and do more jobs Join us as we dive into a case study + product demo centered around how the largest residential inspection company in the United States, US Inspect, has transformed their data collection and digitized their inspection processes with GoCanvas. Webinar Agenda 1) Challenge We’ll walk through the […]

By Jason Peck on November 15, 2019
woman holding phone

What Types of Forms can you Build with GoCanvas?

Popular GoCanvas Apps for your Business If you are new to the GoCanvas system or are interested in giving it a try, you might be wondering which of your paper-based processes can benefit from digital form conversion. The GoCanvas Application Store contains a brief overview of all the available templates for you to use. For […]

By Nick Mirisis on November 13, 2019