Team Lead Culture & Employment Brand  

(or as many companies may call this position - VP of Human Resources)

This dynamic and innovative professional will help to facilitate and extend the unique culture and flat structure that has facilitated on-going innovation at GoCanvas.  The focus of this role will be to implement programs and process that foster a strong value based transparent organization optimizing opportunities for learning, collaboration and innovation.  The ideal candidate will understand how to attract, interview, build and retain top level talent who share in Canvas’ commitment to deep customer satisfaction, empathy and creativity.  

So What’s GoCanvas?

Recognized as one of the hottest start-up companies in the DC area, GoCanvas has been featured as a leader in the mobile app for business space and featured in places like The Washington Post, Capital Business News, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News and others.

We believe that if companies could more dynamically collect and share the data that is typically created by remote employees it changes how we all connect. GoCanvas allows a business to replace their paper forms with custom mobile apps, meaning they can now do their "paperwork" on a smartphone or tablet. Businesses can either convert their own documents, forms and inspections to a GoCanvas App using our App Builder, or edit one of the over 14,000 pre-built GoCanvas Apps in the GoCanvas Application Store. We are considered the world leader in this fast growing space - and there is a good chance you have been around someone using GoCanvas in the past 24 hours.  We save a ton of paper for businesses every 5 days. 

Our offices are located in Refraction, a coworking space we created for start-ups, not-for-profits and artists. This is just part of our unique culture more of which can be found here in a blog from our CEO.  

Your Most Important Initiatives

  • Continue to foster the development of the "Canvas Way" our program for keeping our culture first as we continue to scale.  

  • Develop hiring plan for the next 6 months outlining key hires & recruiting strategy for each

  • Develop recruiting campaigns for the near term roles facilitating team participation, referrals and outstanding community outreach

  • Create employment Marketing Campaign maximizing the opportunity to share the GoCanvas story across LinkedIn, Twitter, Glassdoor, Facebook, Local publications, Meetup Groups 

  • Craft collaborative, input driven interview process that facilitates agility in the decision making process

  • Take full ownership of the interview experience creating a “Canvas Way” experience from every interaction for each potential teammate

  • Facilitate with the leadership team  mapping out career opportunities/growth opportunities for existing GoCanvas employees tied to their metrics

  • Facilitate establishing, communicating metrics with all new team members.  Work with the leadership team to create ways to create transparency, measurement and feedback regarding metrics.

  • Create a feedback loop structure that reflects Canvas’ unique culture and flat organization 

  • Extend the New Hire Training program to include all of on-boarding creating a “Canvas Way” experience.  This should facilitate empowered team members from the very outset who have a clear understanding of how they can personally achieve success in their role and contribute to the overall success of Canvas

  • Own the internal communication plan & employment brand in collaboration with Marketing to reflect the overall company brand and values

  • Working on developing the systems, practices and communication around scaling our flat structure.  This would include programs around transparency, team communication, training, mentors, coaching.

  • One of the lead champions for Ante Up - promoting the program not as a 'benefit' of GoCanvas but as a core component of developing empathy in our employees

  • Working on ways to help foster common culture amongst regions, offices

  • Working closely with Refraction on our long term integration plans - how do we live, work together as we scale.

  • Own all components of Employee administration

  • Facilitate team member improvement programs and transitions/termination out of the company.  This is inclusive of strategy, legal and administrative aspects of separations from GoCanvas.

  • Help coordinate recruiters, develop strategies for meeting the hiring needs of our fast growing teams.

  • Responsible for coordinating and working with our HR systems, benefits programs on multiple continents. 

  • Part of the team working on screening candidates for cultural fit 


What does success look like: 

  • Successfully fulfill the hiring plan (Currently anticipated 40-50 team members over the next 12 months, another 100 over 24 months, finding candidates that are high performing and a solid fit for our culture).

  • Collaborate to set target retention rate.  Facilitate meeting retention targets.  (Currently Maintain less then 5% annual churn of employees, and 10% of brand new employees).

  • Deploy effective hiring process that produces results but optimizes time & agility in decision making

  • Establish & deploy new tracking, communication system for expanding out our flat organization assuring that all employees are clear on the metrics of the company, team and their own. 

  • Increase participation in GoCanvas Ante Up program to 33% of the company employees adopting causes to adopt. 

  • Establish & Deploy feedback loop/performance evaluation program

  • Establish & Deploy On-Boarding Process extending/enhancing new hire training

  • In one years time put GoCanvas on the "Best Places to Work" list for one of the major local periodicals. 

  • Establish processes/resources for on-boarding employees that require immigration/visa sponsorship

  • Provide review/analysis on cost of benefits/HR processing for scale over the next 612/18 months

  • Create internal communication plan & execution regarding growth & culture

Benefits and Employment

This is a full-time position based in Reston, VA.  Healthcare plans are offered and competitive salary and stock options will be based upon level of experience. Interested in learning more? Contact us at