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Trail's End Order Form - Boy Scouts Mobile App

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Tailored just for Boy Scouts in the United States, this app makes gathering your Trail's End fundraising orders a snap. Instead of filling out paper order forms, take the order right from your smartphone or tablet. You can immediately send customers a confirmation of their order, and never have to worry about losing your paper form, deciphering illegible handwriting or running out of ink. This app works on all devices, including Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows.

Are you a member of Scouts Canada? There is a special Canadian version of this app available too.

NOTE TO PARENTS: This app generates a PDF of the order that can be emailed to the buyer. This PDF can include, depending on your settings, your address, phone number, email, a photo and more. Please be sure to check the settings on this app prior to your child using it. If you have any questions, please contact Canvas at 866.242.9334 or

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